Friday 4 December 2009

new Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste

Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste, relieves the pain of sensitive teeth fast. Yeah, yeah, heard it all before ! Yeah, but this is "new". Yeah, yeah, they all say that ! But when those lovely people at Bzz Agent asked me to test this new Colgate toothpaste and tell people all about it, I still thought I'd give it a go. After all, they want me to be honest and give my opinion good or bad, so that fits in nicely with this blog. And you'd be amazed at how much toothpaste a family of five gets through in a week, so free toothpaste has to be a good thing !

Well, the first thing I didn't like was - I couldn't get the end off the tube !! I don't mean the screw-cap lid, I mean the bit of plastic sealing the tube the first time you open it ! I tried pulling it and twisting it with my fingers, I tried biting off the top with my teeth (probably not a good idea if you already have sensitive teeth), I looked around in vain for a pair of scissors in the bathroom - then I gave up completely because otherwise the girls would have ended up being late at school ! In the end, 8-year-old Sophie - after having a good laugh at me not being able to get into the toothpaste ! - solved the problem that evening by pulling it off with her teeth - but it wasn't easy !

Having finally managed to get into it, I proceeded to brush my teeth. It was nice minty toothpaste, no more no less - but then again I very rarely suffer with sensitive teeth. It left my mouth feeling tingly and fresh and my teeth felt nice and smooth and polished, just as you'd expect after a good bit of toothbrushing.

Sophie does tend to suffer more with tooth sensitivity - or at least she says she does, since seeing adverts on TV for various sensitive teeth toothpaste brands. I gave her a couple of the cute little sample tubes so she now uses that and feels very grown up and important. I asked her if her teeth felt better and she said yes, but I don't know how reliable that it, it could just be the placebo effect ! And even when she did say her teeth were hurting, it was never enough to actually stop her eating ice poles or drinking orange juice straight from the fridge !

The science behind this new toothpaste does sound impressive : "What causes sensitivity? As gums recede, parts of your teeth that aren't protected by enamel become uncovered. This leads to exposed dentine with thousands of microscopic pathways leading to the tooth's nerve centre. When teeth come in contact with air or something cold, hot or sweet, sensations are carried through these channels straight to the nerves — ouch! Lucky for you, new Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief doesn't just address the symptoms by numbing the pain like most sensitive toothpastes. It treats the cause with Pro-Argin technology. Combining arginine, an amino acid naturally found in saliva, with calcium carbonate, the Pro-Argin technology binds to the dentine surface to form a layer on the surface and in the pathways to plug and seal them."

What is really good is that, as well as building a long-lasting protective barrier against sensitivity (when used regularly to brush teeth), it can be used to provide instant relief from tooth sensitivity when directly applied to the sensitive tooth with your fingertip and gently massaged for one minute. Which means you need never give up on eating that choc ice due to painful teeth, just rub in it to your teeth for a minute and get back to finish it off free of pain before it melts ! If you do suffer from sensitive teeth, I'd say it's definitely got to be worth a go !

star rating : 4/5

Available from high street chemists and major supermarkets

RRP : 75ml tube £3.49 and 35ml tube £1.79

For more info : — visit the site for more info including interactive guides and video demonstrations


  1. If you look at the top of the cap, there is a hole that you attach to the top of the tube seal. It's similar to the pointy bit in a cap that you use to puncture the seal. Attach, twist and pull and the tube seal comes off.

  2. Aaahh thankyou !! I'll try it when I'm more properly awake next time then !! ;-)

  3. I paid a whopping £3.59 for a 75ml tube of this toothpaste that also has a consistency like polyfiller! I have been using it for 4 wks and my teeth are worse than ever. Having been an avid sensodyne user for years, I can safely say that this new toothpaste is no competition. I will go back to my old faithful and hope to reduce the sensitivity again!

  4. I have been using this tooth paste for about 6 weeks, most of the time its not making a difference at all, I rinse my mouth of the paste when im done brushing and it hurts just as much, I have had random moments of no pain when I rinse,but it never lasts longer than that moment.
    I am now experiencing ulcers and really bad pain in my gums as if they have become very weak, i only use a soft tooth brush so worried that the toothpaste is causing my gums to be so weak that the tooth brush is pulling them to pieces.
    I have gone back to regular tooth paste and my gums I think are healing its been 2 days so need a few more to really know if the tooth paste was doing the damage.
    Everyone is different so this may not happen to others, just wanted to share my experiences.

  5. I had to poke a sharp pointy thing in the end and force it off , not a great idea when you are half asleep

  6. I bought a tube. I figured it couldn't hurt. I liked the easy-open lid of the tube. The very top of the lid was gear-shaped to fit the very top of the tube, one turn, and my finger was on the paste. (I just happened to get lucky enough to figured it out before reading the instructions that come in the box.)

    Personally, I like the instant greatification this paste brought when I rubbed my finger on my teeth with only a very tiny amount of the paste.

    This gets a 5 out of 5 from me, And I will use it.

    PS.. I like your site, very smart!

  7. Used it for a week and tossed it. It seems to have taken away any protection I had from the other types I use. I agree with the polyfiller consistency comment.

  8. I agree with the others above. I regularly suffer from teeth sensitivity but this toothpaste has made my teeth worse. I used up the entire tube thinking it would help, now I regret it. I feel pain in some of my teeth that were never sensitive to begin with. Even with my normally sensitive teeth, the pain is worse. Stick to your old toothpaste!

  9. I was using a whitening toothpaste that really made my teeth sensitive. I bought the Pro-Relief thinking it would reverse the effects. After 3 weeks with no relief, I went to the dentist and he put me on special toothpaste and mouth rinse which has helped tremendously. Not having access to that toothpaste this morning, I used the Pro-Relief again. The sensitivity is back. I will toss this toothpaste. I wish that I had never used it. It probably kept my teeth from healing in the first place.

  10. I have a very sensitive molar. It's lost most of its enamel and is incredibly painful with anything hot or cold.
    I bought this on special at wilko's and after a few days pain for the first time in months. When I ran out I reverted to my usual paste and 4 days later the pain is to wilkos for me.

  11. I started using this toothpaste because a friend's dentist had recommended it. i do have sensitive teeth, have for many years and use products like Sensodyne. After only a few days of using Pro-Relief, the pain I experienced was unbearable.
    Even the temperature difference of the air indoors hurt my front teeth. I was pretty sure the nerves were agitated in some way because the pain was constant.

    At first I had no idea what was causing it. I suppose I couldn't believe it could be the toothpaste. Then I saw a TV ad that explained that the toothpaste penetrates to the nerve. That was the first time I made the connection. Two brushes later with a different product and the pain is going away. I don't know why my teeth reacted that way but I can't recommend it to anyone based on my experience.

  12. I had a temporary filling after I had a crown removed and root filling. I started to use Colgate Pro relief to protect against any pain after the Dentists injections ceased. Within 2 days of use I suffered from mouth ulcers and a painful shoulder. I started to take ibuprofen and neurofen to ease the pain. I used Bonjela but that didn't stop the ulcers hurting. The only thing I could relate the problems to was me starting using Colgate Pro Relief sensitive. I stopped using it and the ulcers disappeared within about a day. I still have a stiff neck but I do feel so much better. I will not be using the colgate toothepaste again.

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