Saturday, 12 December 2009

Nestlé Christmas selection boxes: greener, smaller and lighter for 2009

Like most of us, I eat chocolate all year round but some chocolate just goes with Christmas. For me, it's Terry's Chocolate Oranges (the round ones that you can break into segments, I'm quite happy to eat the bars all year long !), big bars of Toblerone, mint and orange-flavoured Matchmakers and ... selection boxes. Even if you can (and do) buy the separate sweets in all seasons, there's just something extra special about getting them all in one go and in one festive box. Our Christmas stockings just wouldn't be complete without them - well, OK, they don't actually fit in the stockings but they do get stacked just underneath them !

Well, this year, it's nice to see that Nestlé have taken steps to reduce the amount of excess packaging that their selection boxes have. I always feel guilty about the quantity of binbags of used wrapping paper and empty cardboard boxes that get put out for recycling each Christmas so every little gesture helps.

As they say on their website : "For Christmas 2009, Nestlé’s selection boxes will be the greenest on the market. Favourite brands such as SMARTIES, KIT KAT and AERO remain unchanged, but packaging has been reduced by 40% from 2007 levels and will be 100% recyclable card. To ensure our selection boxes are a real treat, Nestlé is committed to improving recyclability for the consumer. Nestlé is the first confectionery manufacturer to remove plastic inserts from our boxes, a move that makes recycling your selection box easier than ever before. The drive to improve recyclability has already yielded great results. Across the whole of the Nestlé UK business, 900 tonnes of waste has been diverted away from landfill in the last two years, the equivalent of 150,000 Christmas Turkeys!"

Wow, that's a lot of turkeys ! Well, they can go gobble-gobble-gobble while I go off and gobble the yummy delights in my selection boxes ... with a clear conscience !

You have a choice of three different selection boxes this year : "The boxes are available in three different festive designs and range from large and medium-sized gift boxes to a smaller Santa-themed selection box for younger children where all the products contain no artificial colours or flavours." So if they go absolutely hyper, you'll know it's down to all the excitement of awaiting Santa and nothing to do with the E-numbers in their sweeties !

star rating : 5/5

RRP and contents :
Large Selection Box, 8 x full-size bars (1 x KIT KAT SENSES, 1 x ROWNTREE’S FRUIT PASTILLES, 1 x MILKY BAR, 1 x SMARTIES, 1 x KIT KAT Four-finger, 1 x ROLO, 1 x AERO and 1 x AERO Mint) RRP £3.62
Medium Selection Box, 6 full-size bars (1 x AERO, 1 x MILKYBAR, 1 x KIT KAT Four-finger, 1 x SMARTIES, 1 x TOFFEE CRISP and 1 x ROWNTREE’S FRUIT PASTILLES) RRP £2.44
Kid's Medium Selection Box, 6 treats (2 x SMARTIES, 1 x MILKYBAR, 1 x MILKYBAR BUTTONS, 1 x ROWNTREE’S TOOTY FROOTIES™ and 1 x ROWNTREE’S JELLY TOTS) RRP £2.44

available ... pretty much everywhere but get in quick before I eat the lot !!

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