Friday 11 December 2009

Miamoo - Nanight Balm

If you haven't already read it, I suggest you start off by reading my review of Miamoo's Huggy Lotion, where I tell you all about the green ethics and cute story behind the Miamoo name.

Now that you know all the background, I can get straight on with telling you about this gorgeous lavender-smelling bedtime balm. As with the other products in the Miamoo range, I love the name Nanight Balm and the connotations of snuggles and kisses before bed that it evokes. The pale blue packaging and the cute cow pictures match the other products in the range and are equally cute.

The balm itself is amazing. I thought I wasn't going to like it at first but I was blown away. It comes out as a really thick, dense cream which looks like it will stay on the skin as a barrier cream. But it doesn't. Despite being really thick, you just rub your finger gently over the cream two or three times and it is instantaneously and perfectly absorbed into the skin. It just disappears and leaves no greasiness at all - just the wonderfully relaxing lavender scent, perfect for getting little sleepyheads off to the land of Nod.

Read the instructions carefully though, or you'll get frustrated for nothing ! "Unscrew the lid completely and squeeze the tube hard to expel a small amount." If you don't, it is really really hard to get out because it is so thick !

The label says it is chock-a-block with lavender and cocoa butter, but although my skin feels smooth and soft, it doesn't feel as nourished as with the huggy lotion. I would therefore definitely use this cream after a bath before bedtime but not as a daily moisturiser. If you read the website, they have a whole host of uses for it, that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of but that all sound like really good ideas : " This is a calming balm which is ideal to use when baby is feeling blue or during teething. Great in the summer to keep skin cool and moisturised." The lavender scent really is calming and relaxing so I'll definitely give that a try when Pierre is grizzly when he's cutting teeth or after his monthly jabs. It does feel cold on the skin too, so I bet it would feel lovely in the summer or when baby's running a fever. "Great to put on baby’s chest when full of cold and also rub a small amount on baby’s nostrils before bedtime. It’s a great remedy during baby’s teething times." Is there anything it can't do ?!

As with the other Miamoo products, it's as lovely for mums as it is for babies. The website suggests : "For mummies who are always on their feet, nanight balm is the answer. Get your husband/ partner to massage into feet and ankles for an instant pick me up and feel the magic of nanight balm. Keeps feet cool and fresh and keeps the head clear and calm." Now that sounds like absolute bliss - although I get the feeling I'll be massaging it into my own feet, I don't think Mike would oblige !!

I predict that this will be an absolute Godsend in the coming weeks - for Pierre, who seems about to start teething, and for me, because my maternity leave ends today so I'll be back to charging about like a loony from Monday morning onwards and will need some relaxing pampering in the evenings !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £10 for 50ml

available in Boots, Waitrose, Ocado and NCT

for more information :

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