Wednesday 2 December 2009

Organic Alma Win Washing Up Liquid

I just did the dishes using this Alma Win Washing Up Liquid and totally forget that it was an eco-friendly product, because it washed up just as efficiently as my normal not-particularly-environmentally-friendly supermarket brand. And that to me is the most important test - it's kind to the planet but still tackles the job at hand and passes with flying colours. Unlike some other eco-friendly varieties I've used, I didn't have to keep adding more product to get through the grease (which rather defeats the whole object of being green because if you use more, they have to make more so that's probably even worse for the planet than buying non-green cleaning products in the first place !). The website mentions "excellent fat and dirt dissolving and dispersing properties" and says that it "leaves dishes streak free" and I have to agree on both counts. It didn't make as many bubbles as other brands I've used but this didn't seem to affect its cleaning power.

A second plus-point is that Alma Win is dermatologically tested and kind to your hands. "Wheat proteins and glycerine (vegetable derived) are excellent and mild to the skin." But, unlike another certain brand of washing-up liquid that is kind to hands that do dishes, it's not green in colour, but it is green in its ethics !

As I mentioned in my review of Alma Win Laundry Detergent, the website tells us that : "Alma Win began life in 1993 manufacturing ecological cleaning and washing products that can be tolerated by the skin and are in harmony with man and nature. Alma Win products have been successfully dermatologically tested by two German Universities - Heidelberg and Witten-Herdecke - and are therefore especially suited to consumers that have allergies or sensitive skin." The green philosophy is their guiding principle : "The ingredients of our products are of natural or organic certified origin. The basics are vegetable and mineral ingredients, if available only from controlled organic cultivation, to meet all the requirements of the human skin - always in harmony with man and nature!"

I thought that this product had the same citrus scent as the laundry detergent, which was advertised as "organic vervain and eucalyptus". I was closer to the mark this time however, the key scent ingredients being "certified organic essential lemongrass and eucalyptus oil". It smells fresh and lemony, just like various other washing up liquid products.

It's great to find a product that's kind to the planet and to your skin but that really tackles a load of greasy dishes and pans as well as the non-eco friendly alternatives. Big thumbs up all round.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : 500ml £2.75

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