Friday 4 December 2009

free 'Joy of Movement Guide' - dealing with and preventing pain

Voltarol has recently launched the 'Joy of Movement Guide' - a consumer guide that looks at how to deal with pain and provides expert information on how to prevent and manage body pain through exercise, movement and pain relief. The guide contains lots of tips and advice on how to avoid injuries in everyday activities, as well as sports including skiing and snow-boarding - so if you're thinking of heading off to the ski-slopes this winter, take a few minutes to download it and read through !

The best part is, the guide is totally free and consumers can download it from
The guide includes tips and exercises from expert physiotherapists who work with some of the top sports men and women from the England and Wales Cricket Board, the UK Athletics team and the Great Britain Winter Olympics team.
"Offering valuable insights, the handy guide highlights that the key to dealing with body pain is to keep active and moving, as well as using conventional pain relief remedies, such as gels and tablets. It includes exercises and stretches, such as hamstring and calf stretches, to help you warm up before exercising or to ease painful joints and muscles. The experts also give guidance on how to deal with many sporting injuries, such as skier’s thumb and tennis elbow as well as common rugby and cricket injuries. So whatever your exercise preference, be sure to keep the Joy of Movement Guide to hand to help with all those sprains, strains and everyday aches and pains."

EMDP is the lead National Governing Body (NGB) for exercise, movement and dance. It is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development of exercise, movement and dance provision throughout England and the UK. EMDP’s vision is to have ‘More people enjoying good health and well-being through exercise movement and dance – for life’. So even if the guide is produced in partnership with Voltarol pain remedies, it is full of very professional, useful advice - it's not just a booklet trying to convince you to go out and buy their products !

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