Tuesday 13 April 2010

Boo Boo Baby Soft & Splashy Bubbles

"I love my Boo Boo bubbles
They're fluffy and they float
Mummy says they're extra kind
Because they're made with oats !"

This cute little ditty (which for some reason always makes me think of "I eat my peas with honey, I've done it all my life, It makes the peas taste funny But it keeps them on my knife !" which comes straight out of one of my childhood bedtime books !), combined with the cute pictures of elephants blowing bubbles on the label, go together to produce some of the most appealing baby product packaging that I've seen in a while.

Before I even opened the bottle, I was smiling to myself and feeling all fluffy and warm. When I pressed the handy flip-top lid and squirted a tiny amount under running water, I first marvelled at the amount of bubbles from such a tiny squirt then breathed in deeply to fully benefit from the gorgeous smell. It's such a relaxing, stress-busting, delicious scent that it is absolutely perfect for baby's bathtime to help him relax and get ready for bedtime. I am also definitely going to pinch some myself the next time I have a bath to relax and unwind after a long day.

Closer investigation of the label meant that things just kept getting better and better and my already very high opinion rocketed even further skywards. "We put only kind and soothing ingredients into your baby’s bubbles: Tahitian Monoi, from Tiare blossoms to hydrate and protect, marshmallow plant extract to moisturise and oats to gently cleanse. With added olive oil, coconut oil and chamomile it leaves baby’s skin soft and silky smooth. Suitable for the most sensitive little dumplings !" And if that doesn't convince you, they really hammer home the "no chemical nasties" message with the words, "HOORAY ! We've banned the baddies ! NO parabens, sulphates, TEA petrochemicals, synthetic colours or DEA".

It left Pierre's skin lovely and soft and smelling gorgeous. I don't know if it was a coincidence or a result of the lovely relaxing scent but he also drifted off to sleep calmly and peacefully for the first time this week, since he's had a cold and a very snuffly nose. A huge mum-thumbs up all round. It's bliss in a bottle !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £6.99 for 250ml

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