Monday 26 April 2010

Organix Baby Food and Children's Snacks

If you want to feed your children healthy, organic food right from the outset, the name Organix says it all. As they say on their website, "All children deserve the best start in life and choosing to feed them organic food is an important part of this. This means safe foods - free from artificial chemical pesticides. Our ingredients are grown and reared the natural way, with respect for the environment."

As a parent, that's reassuring but equally important is the taste test. If the kids don't like the taste and refuse to eat it or spit it out, it doesn't matter how healthy it is, it still won't do them any good ! So I was intrigued to see what Pierre would make of Organix baby food, especially as at the time I first tried the Organix products, he was literally just starting weaning - always a stressful time for parents !

Well, the picture says it all ! The Organic Apple & Mango with Oaty Yoghurt went down a treat, as did the other stage 2 jars I tried him on. It all looked reassuringly homemade, which is great if you feel slightly guilty about giving baby shop-bought food instead of making it all yourself. Organix promise to "only make pure, natural and tasty organic foods that give good nutrition for our children" and the tastes and textures are obviously perfectly suited to young palates because Pierre polished off the lot !

But Organix don't just produce baby food. They also make a range of fruit purees in squishy pouches called 'Squeezys' which come in three flavours : Strawberry, Banana & Pear, Kiwi, Pear & Banana and Mango, Pear & Orange. Again, as you can see from the pictures, these got a huge thumbs up from both 8-year-old Sophie and 5-year-old Juliette. They're designed for children aged 12 months and over but are absolutely perfect for popping in lunchboxes or keeping in your handbag/the glovebox of the car, where they quite successfully stave off whines of both "I'm hungry" AND "I'm thirsty" while you're out and about - bonus ! They also offer the same "No junk" promise as all the other Organix products and count towards your five-a-day fruit and vegetable portions. Taste-wise, they're lovely - they taste naturally fruity (which is because they really are fruity, not just fruit-flavoured !) and have just the right balance of sweetness and tartness. The girls loved the squeezy pouches and the little resealable lids are great for kids who have small appetites as they can close them and come back to them whenever they wish (if someone else hasn't nipped in the fridge and polished them off while they weren't looking, which is a distinct possibility because they're so yummy !).

But that's still not all ! Organix also have a wide range of finger foods, biscuits and snacks, which I didn't know about, always thinking that their "no junk" promise would make it impossible to come up with this sort of "naughty" treat. Juliette tested the Alphabet biscuits and declared them delicious (that was actually all she said before running off to hide so that big sister Sophie didn't see them and pinch them !). The wholegrain biscuits are made from a combination of fruit, oats and seeds and again are perfect for lunchboxes because they come in handy individual bags. Juliette loved naming the letters on each biscuit and seeing which words she could make before eating them all ! I also love the fact that they're sweetened with grape juice instead of sugar. When they say No Junk, they really do mean No Junk !

I was really impressed with all the products we tested, both for babies and older children. I presumed it would be more expensive than the non-organic competitors but there are actually some really good deals, for example at Poundland. Huge thumbs up from both Mum and the kids !
star rating : 5/5
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