Thursday 8 April 2010

Neom Luxury Organics Miniature Treatment Candles

The tone is immediately set on the website : "Forget everything you know about candles. Forget everything you know about bath oils and body products... at NEOM we have created the most incredibly powerful, organic range of luxury bath & home products that all work as treatments to make you feel more relaxed, more energised or even just a whole lot happier - depending on the treatment you choose. Carefully blending only the finest organic ingredients and the highest concentration of essential oils, we have created the most beautiful scents that fill your room with mood enhancing treats." Well, that's quite a lot to live up to but as they assure us, "With every single Neom product, we always keep our promise".

Well, I have to say, as soon as I opened the parcel, I was impressed. The "miniature" candle - I had visions of a tealight-sized candle but it's nowhere near as small as the name suggests ! - is packed in a sturdy white and gold cardboard box so it's guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition. The name - Tranquility - sounded exactly what I needed, as it's the kids' holidays and things have been more than a bit hectic around here this week. As I pulled the lid off the box, wow ! The divine scent hit me immediately - it's an indescribable but absolutely gorgeous smell. I closed my eyes and could imagine lying in a warm relaxing bath with all my stress soaking away. Wow, it's having the destress effect already and I haven't even lit it yet ! Just smelling it in the box made me feel totally zen and chilled out.

Intrigued about the wonderful scent, I investigated the box : "Treatment : English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine is a de-stressing scent that has been blended to help you relax and refocus. Perfect for quiet times or the pre-bedtime wind-down." Sounds like bliss - and it was ! Unlike some candles, that smell wonderful when not lit but whose fragrance all but disappears when they burn, the gorgeous fragrance filled the whole bedroom with a strong but not overpowering wonderful scent that even my husband commented on when he came up to bed. (I'd been reading in a little cocoon of serenity and zenitude !)

You can just tell from the scent that these candles are made with high quality, natural ingredients. The NEOM promise is "seriously effective high grade essential oils used to create products with treatment benefits plus skin smoothing & nourishing results. No petrochemicals, parabens, PEGS, silicone, SLS or synthetic fragrances – in fact no nasty chemicals whatsoever". I had noticed that these candles burned very cleanly - there was no smoke and no black sooty residue on the side of the glass, as there is with some candles. The website explains : "NEOM Luxury Organics Mini Treatment Candles are made using only natural vegetable wax and 100% pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. Unlike paraffin wax candles (that's the majority on sale) they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot, working holistically to make you feel even better."

The Neom candles, which come as miniature 75g candles with a burn time of 25 hours, or huge 1kg three-wicked candles that burn for 55 hours, were the first product launched back in 2005 and now have a scent library of 12 scents, all of which sound absolutely divine - Tranquillity: Calming, Serenity: Peace & Calm, Sumptuous: Comfort & Indulge, Complete Bliss: Happiness, Revitalise: Sharpen the Mind, Restore: Inspire, Relax: Time to Unwind, Real Luxury: Pamper Yourself, Invigorate: Liven the Soul, Refresh: Energy Boost, Pure Indulgence: Uplifting, Rebalance: De-Stress.

As mums all over the world know, it's often hard to get any me-time or serious pampering without packing the kids off to the grandparents for a sleepover, but Neom products really will help you feel totally refreshed and destressed without setting a foot out of the door. Forget babysitters and spa days and go for a DIY holistic treatment at home. I am actually looking forward to getting the kids off to bed and scuttling off to light my candle and read again tonight ! It's as relaxing as a lovely warm bath but you can share the experience with all the occupants of the room !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £12 for the miniature candles, £35 for the three-wick candles

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