Friday 9 April 2010

Nestlé 99 Calorie Biscuit Range

For those who want to control their weight in a sensible way and avoid faddy diets, the key words are portion control - you can each pretty much what you want in sensible amounts. Eating one chocolate out of the box or a sneaky bag on chips on a Friday night won't kill you or make you obese, but you have to be reasonable in the quantities.

That's where the newly relaunched Nestlé choccie bars come in because whichever one you choose (yes, you can only have one, if you're supposed to be on a diet - don't be a pig !!), you don't have to spend ages in the supermarket aisle comparing the microscopic print of the nutritional information. They all contain 99 calories so the choice is yours - Breakaway, Drifter, Toffee Crisp or Blue Riband.

The new kid on the block in the 99 Calorie Biscuit Range is Blue Riband Dark - yep, you've guessed it. They've taken a normal Blue Riband and replaced the usual milk chocolate with smooth, dark chocolate.

Joanne Coxon, Assistant Brand Manager for Nestlé Biscuits says: “We are very proud to introduce Blue Riband Dark to our well-loved existing range of 99 Calorie biscuits. The new launch is part of Nestlé’s commitment to give families choice when selecting great tasting treats. The 99 Calorie biscuit range not only delivers on taste but they are perfectly portioned to be enjoyed as part of varied, balanced diets.”

If you're used to eating bigger, non-calorie counted bars, the 99 calorie bars will seem a bit on the small side to you but that's what it's all about. We all need re-educating about what the correct portion sizes are in a perfectly balanced, healthy diet. They are just the right size for a chocolate fix when you're trying to eat healthily and are also perfect for kids' lunchboxes, especially as they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

They haven't compromised on taste at all. They still taste exactly as I remember them from my youth, so if I can have a dose of nostalgia (not to mention chocolate !) for a mere 99 calories, it's definitely a winner in my eyes.

star rating : 4/5

- Blue Riband - 6 pack (RRP £1), 9 pack (RRP £1.29), 18 pack (RRP £1.99)
- Breakaway - 6 pack (RRP £1), 9 pack (RRP £1.29), 18 pack (RRP £1.99)
- Drifter - 8 pack (RRP £1.29)
- Toffee Crisp - 7 pack (RRP £1.29)
- Blue Riband Dark – 9 pack (RRP £1.29)


  1. I love toffee crisps and means I can eat more.

  2. You have reminded me of an old favourite


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