Wednesday 7 April 2010

My Sole Mates - Wellies With Wedge Heels

When I saw the words "wellies with heels" on the My Sole Mates website, I thought they were having a laugh ! Wellies with heels ? No kidding ?! But as you can see from the picture, they really do exist ! While I've seen some pretty funky, floral, designer wellies on the feet of festival-going celebs, these are the first wellies I've ever seen that come with a flatteringly feminine wedge heel. This is the first time I've drooled over wellies since seeing green wellies with frog eyes on the toes when I was about 6 years old !! The only question is, which colour to go for ? Fuchsia or navy blue ?

But looking around on the website, that's not all they have to offer. There are also some really funky gladiator sandals that would be perfect for the summer, if the sun decides to put in an appearance - although you'll end up with a dodgy brown and white suntan pattern on your feet if you wear them all summer long !

Now call me a child of the 80's but I also got all nostalgic and wistful when I saw these pink jelly shoes too - they take me back to my youth !

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