Thursday 15 April 2010

Method Bowl Patrol Biodegradable Toilet Cleaner

Last month, I reviewed Method Flushable Bathroom & Toilet Wipes (a review you can see here), which got a huge thumbs up and a star rating of 4.5/5. I did however say that the label didn't mention them being anti-bacterial so I still felt I needed a quick squirt of my normal bleach-based toilet cleaner to be on the safe side and kill off any nasty germs lurking around. Quick as a flash, the lovely man from Method emailed me to say there is a matching biodegradable toilet cleaner and asking if I'd like to try it. Well, obviously, I said yes !

I have tried quite a few different products from Method now and there hasn't been a single one that I haven't liked. Sure enough, as soon as I set eyes on the bottle, I was amazed at how pretty it is - I've never had a toilet cleaner I'd class as pretty before ! But with its pale blue colour, little embossed flowers and the rounded curves of the bottle, you could even say it looks feminine. I guess they've accurately worked out who the target audience for toilet cleaners is !

And once again, as usual, their packaging got me smiling to myself - I love the name Bowl Patrol ! I also love the eco-friendly values clearly labelled on the bottle : "non-toxic clean - biodegradable toilet bowl cleaner - natural power of lactic acid". Lactic acid ? Isn't that what makes your muscles burn when you use them repeatedly ?! Well, whatever it is, the label tells us it's people-friendly ("It's like a breath of fresh air for you and your bathroom"), toilet-friendly ("dissolves grime, rust, calcium deposits and ring-around-the-rim"), future-friendly ("non-toxic, naturally-derived and biodegradable ingredients make for happy pipes and happy fish" !) and easy to use ("twist cap, squirt around toilet bowl and under rim, wait 10 minutes while it does its thing, brush, flush and breathe easy").

Speaking of breathe easy, it has that same relaxing, spa-inspired eucalyptus scent that goes with the flushable wipes. It's a much more calming, delicate scent than most of the really overpowering toilet cleaners on the market. OK, cleaning the toilet is never going to be glamorous but this product certainly makes it a bit less unpleasant !

I love the fact that it's non-toxic if ingested or comes into contact with skin. I like to clean the toilet seat with something that will kill germs but am always worried about the girls sitting on it straight after I've cleaned it. The Method scientists have worked hard to come up with a product that gets you a clean toilet without harming you or the planet. "A non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner that works as well as any method product took us a while to figure out, but it was worth the wait. Natural lactic acid and thickening gum give bowl patrol its non—toxic magic, and the renewable energy and DfE recognition just add to its eco-mojo."

Having already tried and loved numerous Method products, I think it's great that I can rely on them once again to replace my harsh bleach-based products with something that's much greener (not to mention pleasing on the eye and nose !).

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3

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