Wednesday 7 April 2010

Yeo Valley Organic Little Yeo's yoghurts

As the name suggests, Madhouse Family Reviews is very much a group effort. Just because he's only 8 months old, Pierre doesn't get away with not testing things so this time, he was in the hot seat, reviewing Yeo Valley "Little Yeo's" yoghurts !

According to the Yeo Valley website, "Developed for children from as young as six months, our 6 pack of deliciously creamy yogurts is perfect for weaning. Our organic whole milk yogurt has a thick and creamy texture that stays on the spoon, to avoid any messy moments !" Well, it certainly does stay on the spoon but if you've got a baby determined to eat like a piglet - like Pierre, whose big joke at the moment (along with throwing things on the floor) is spitting out his food and laughing - there's no way you'll avoid messy moments however well the stuff stays on the spoon !

They continue, "The small pot size (55g) makes them ideal for smaller appetites whilst also helping to reduce waste." This may be true for 6 month olds but Pierre wolfs them down two at a time ! "Our creamy organic probiotic yogurt is combined with smooth organic fruit purees to give yogurt flavours that are great for developing young children's palettes. And even better... our new recipe has no added sugar! The yogurts in our 6 pack are sweetened only with concentrated fruit juice, so are just perfect for weaning your baby." I was actually a bit dubious about the no added sugar recipe but I was really surprised and would never have known if you hadn't told me. "Boasting just six natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, colourings or preservatives, our Little Yeo's contain just simple organic goodness that will put a big smile on everyone's face !" Well, that's certainly true - while Pierre was the chief tester, the girls and myself also had a little lick of the lid (and the spoon when things got a bit too messy !) and we all thought they tasted really nice, creamy and fruity and would have been quite happy to finish off the pots.

Which we would have done given half the chance but Pierre, despite only having one word in his vocabulary ("dadada" !) told us exactly what he thought by eating the whole lot, two pots at a time, then crying for more ! I guess that's a thumb up then ?! Thumbs up from me too, for the healthy, sugar-free and above all delicious recipe.

Another plus point for Little Yeo's is their website, which was launched at the same time as the new sugar-free yoghurts and which offers, amongst other things, an online guide for childhood nutrition and fun and interactive games for children. If you're worried about what to feed your kids, especially if you're new to weaning and don't know where to begin, it's a mine of information. "Offering practical guidance for parents new to weaning as well as nutritional advice for parents of toddler and pre-school ages, the new site aims to offer a quick, one-stop factual resource for busy parents concerned about childhood nutrition and allows users to ask an expert nutritionist about any issues or questions that they may have." It's reassuring to see that it has been created in conjunction with expert nutritionist Sarah Bernard.

So what do you think then Pierre ? "Dadada" ! Well, we'll have to assume he's a baby genius and is actually saying "yes yes yes" in Russian !

star rating : 5/5

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