Monday 17 May 2010

Lulabird Funky Kids' Wooden Wall Art & Clocks

When I was contacted by Lulabird to review one of their products, I had to go and look them up online because I'd never heard of them. That makes sense because their PR lady describes them as "a brand new company who is producing a unique range of wooden clocks and wall art - a welcome addition to the world of children's interiors." I was intrigued and, as I looked around on their website, I immediately fell in love with the cute, quirky designs that would add a touch of originality and design chic to any child's room.

I've often said that the best baby and child products are invented by real parents because they know exactly what's needed. Well, decorative items may be not be on the list of absolute essentials but these Lulabird products have indeed been created by real-life mumpreneurs. The website explains, "With three children between them, aged one, nearly two and three, Louise and Rachel are busy mothers seeking the perfect balance between looking after their young families and satisfying their obsession for great design and inspiring interiors. In the pockets of time that fall between running their (slightly chaotic) family lives, Louise and Rachel are busy adding colour and style to children's rooms with their retro inspired, eco friendly Lulabird products".

As I mentioned in a review recently, I'm absolutely loving all the retro products that are making a comeback and reminding me of my 1980's childhood. Well, it only makes sense to go slightly further back in time and create some vintage products reminiscent of the 1970's too. When I opened the LulaBloom wall art (that you can see in the picture above) that I was sent to review, my mum squealed "Ooooh that's just like the stuff I had on my bedroom wall when I was growing up" ! The men of the family scratched their heads and said, "What is it ? A chopping board ? A drawing board ? A tray ?" and when we said, no, it's wall art, it's just designed to look pretty, they looked a bit confused - I guess that's why all the great interior designers on TV room-makeover shows appear to be either women or gay !!

The product description on the website says, "Little girls will love this original and colourful piece of wall art. The bright retro style flowers and birds will light up any child's bedroom and introduce them to the magical world of nature." The simple designs and bright red/orange/green colours are very seventies-inspired but they still appealed to my thoroughly modern daughters aged 8 and 5.

I love the green credentials of the company too. "Our children's wall art is not only stylish but it's also eco friendly - it's been made from high quality birch plywood, which has been sourced from sustainable forests. All Lulabird products have been lovingly designed, printed and hand finished in the UK." That keeps the carbon footprint nice and low too. The downside, if you consider it to be one, is that the natural wood finish can show up a few natural imprefections, like a slightly rough edge to the board or a slightly uneven surface on the paint if the wood has a knot in it, but I personally think this adds to the handmade charm by allowing you to have a totally unique piece of artwork.

If you're fed up with overly babyish or predominantly TV character-themed decoration in your kids' bedrooms, the whole range of Lulabird products will appeal to you. I'm assured they have a whole host of new designs up their sleeves so it's definitely a company to keep an eye on when you feel like giving your kids' (or even your own !) bedroom a funky, original and eco-friendly makeover.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : wall art £32, matching clock £30

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  1. I love these, I think your right especially if you dont want something over babyish. Fab designs, great review!


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