Monday 3 May 2010

Little Me Organics

As they say on their website, "Bathing your baby is one of the most pleasurable aspects of parental care. It's not just about cleansing, it's about bonding, pampering and having heaps of fun with your baby." I couldn't have put it better myself and to make the most of the moment, you need some seriously gorgeous but gentle bath products. I've already tested and told you about some fabulous organic, luxuriously scented products that make Pierre's skin so lovely and soft that I pinch them myself when I feel like some pampering, but I'm always up for testing some more, so I was really happy to be contacted by Little Me Organics !

The Little Me products are just as lovely and eco-friendly as my other top picks that I've raved about but they're the first ones that I've come across that have different scents depending on baby's mood. As they explain, "The Little Me range has three ranges to choose from - Shh Sleepy Head, Yipee Playtime and Moisture Babies. The three different themes all come with carefully selected essential oils to enhance your baby's mood and meet your baby's needs". That sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

I started off testing the Shhh Sleepy Head range, which contains Dill and Organic Lavender. "Soothing Lavender settles and calms the baby leaving their tender skin comforted and moisturised, whilst Dill is renowned for its calming properties. The products contain the safest and most gentle organic essential oils and Botanicals to help your baby rest, whilst wrapping baby's skin in loving moisture." They explain that Organic Lavender has cleansing, calming and balancing properties, while Dill is "used in gripe water and other baby digestive preparations so helps to calm tummies and make baby sleep more soundly". I tested the Shhh Sleepy Head Bath Milk which left Pierre's skin lovely and soft and moisturised and smelling absolutely divine. The relaxing scent got Pierre ready for bed and helped me wind down just by giving him his bath - bonus ! It's a bath milk so it doesn't make bubbles, which is a good thing at the moment because Pierre always tries to eat the bubbles in his bath ! To make the whole bedtime bath routine even more relaxing, I gave him a quick massage with the Shh Sleepy Head body cream. It has the same calming lavender scent which smells so nice that I rubbed the excess into my hands as hand cream. Pierre fell asleep with a smile on his face and not so much as a whimper !

After a particularly messy teething session with a baby biscuit, I decided it was time to try out the Yipee Playtime Bath Bubbles. The website explains, "The Little Me Organics Yipeee Playtime range helps promote contentment and happiness whilst nurturing goodness into your little one's skin. Treat delicate skin to silky smoothness and the beautiful aromas of Neroli, Rose and Organic Mandarin. The renowned properties of these Essential Oils promote deep relaxation, whilst helping skin stay healthy and keep your baby happy. With its sophisticated fragrance this range is suitable for both mums and babies alike." Whey-hey, you won't have to tell me twice ! Sorry Pierre, this one's mine !! With Neroli & Rose - "traditionally known for their uplifting properties" and Organic Mandarin, which has calming and cleansing properties, this is a great product for tired, stressed-out mums in need of a boost. The smell is indescribable - I was expecting something citrussy and it certainly isn't that but I couldn't say what it does smell of ! - but it's lovely and natural and does indeed give you the sense of washing your troubles down the plughole with the water and feeling happy and bouncy after your bath.

The final product I tested was the Moisture Babies Hair & Body Wash. "The Little Me Organics Mmm Moisture Babies range provides extra moisture to your baby's skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and locks moisture into the skin where it is needed the most. The range is soothing and comforting for baby and the ingredients contains Chamomile and Organic Lavender." Chamomile has natural healing properties and is comforting for dry skin and Organic Lavender is cleansing, calming and balancing. Like the other two ranges, the smell is wonderfully natural and refreshing. I love the handy pump dispenser and the fact that the body wash comes out as a foam, which makes it much easier for bathing a slippery baby and also makes it much less likely that you'll get the product in your baby or children's eyes when washing their hair. Both big sisters also loved squirting the foam all over their bodies then washing it off, thinking it was much more fun than their usual "boring" bath products !

So there you have it - it gets a unanimous Madhouse Family thumbs up, from Mum, baby Pierre and both big sisters. I wonder if Daddy Mike tried it out without telling us too ?!

star rating : 5/5

Hair & Body Wash £4.49 for 150ml, Body Cream £4.99 for 150ml, Bath Bubbles £3.99 for 300ml, Bath Milk £3.99 for 300ml

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