Friday 7 May 2010

Savonnerie Love Soak bath soak

The name Savonnerie may sound French but don't be fooled (or put off, if you want to buy British !) - the company is based in London and the products are hand made in England. But Savonnerie sounds so much more enchanting and romantic and upmarket than "Soap Factory", which is basically what it translates as ! And those three words also sum up the products nicely too. "Whether a sublime bath therapy to escape and restore your balance at the end of a busy day or a captivating and uplifting tonic to recharge the spirit, Savonnerie expertly blends pure essential oils to delight and enchant the senses." Oooh sounds divine already !

I was sent two products from their extensive range to test, so look out for another review coming up soon (it's now available here - a review of the Sleepy Boudoir Body Oil). The first product I tried was Love Soak : "Escape and unwind and make bathing a deep, rich and sensual voyage of discovery for the mind. Mixing the exotic aroma of Ylang Ylang with sweet scent of Palma Rosa essential oils, Love Soak infuses the air around you and re-energises the senses. This famous and luxurious bath soak will leave you enlightened, relaxed and feeling special while giving you softened healthy looking skin." Just what you need to feel thoroughly pampered when the kids are in bed and you finally get to grab some well-deserved me-time.

I have to admit, it looks a bit strange in the bag - the mix of creamy beige powder and unidentified white granules with a hefty sprinkling of dried petals on the top looks a bit random and unconvincing. If you want it to look impressive, I suggest you splash out on the beautiful kilner jar, which will look gorgeous on your bathroom shelf and can be reused afterwards - my advice is to save the sachets for refilling the kilner jar (which is great for the planet too as it reduces waste).

The list of ingredients explains what the powder and granules are : Bicarbonate of Soda, Honey, Red & Pink rose petals, Sea Salt, Citric Acid and Pure Essential oils (Ylang Ylang & Palma Rosa), Jojoba Oil. Wow, not an artifical additive or nasty chemical in sight. The website explains that this is true of all of their products : "Lovingly handmade in the UK, each product contains only the finest ingredients giving skin the luxurious 100% natural care it deserves. All products are free from synthetic SLS, SLES, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, as well as any artificial colours or fragrances."

The smell is absolutely divine and totally relaxing. I stayed in the bath until the water got cold after two top-ups with hot water ! You know those scenes in cheesy chick-flicks when the girl has a bath sipping champagne, reading a book, in a bathroom lit with scented candles ? - well, sprinkle some of this in the bath and that could be you ! The wonderful scent also permeates the whole room (or the whole upstairs, if you leave the door open afterwards !) and leaves your skin lovely and soft and delicately scented.

The only very slight downside is that you will have to clean the bath straight afterwards, if you don't want the petals and rosebuds clogging up the plughole and leaving a deliciously-scented but nevertheless scuzzy ring around the bath ! But if your other half has lovingly offered you this decadent gift so that you can pamper yourself, I think it's only fair that he accepts to clean the bath afterwards as well ! You can tell him I said so !!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 100g Sachet £4.95, 435g Jar £16.95

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