Thursday 6 May 2010

new Kickers Lego shoe collection

If you ask parents to name their top brands, you'll probably find Kickers in the shoes category and Lego in the toys category, because they are both well-known and well-loved brands that have been tried and tested for generations. I would definitely have mentioned them both myself. But I was totally unaware of their partnership, now into its second year, which has come up with some really funky Lego-themed shoes made by Kickers.

I absolutely love the designs as an adult, so I can only imagine how much the kids will love them ! Especially when you look really closely and notice what Kickers describe as the "instantly recognisable LEGO design features incorporated into the collection on the eyelets and straps, as well as the LEGO brand’s iconic prints". Funkier than a funkier thing - or to quote the Kickers' PR person who is even worse (or should that be better ?!) than me, "cuter than a three-week-old kitten – and twice as frisky" ! As if that wasn't enough, the shoes have other uber-trendy features like the signature red and green Kickers tabs and really cool multicoloured soles that will have kids all over the country lying on the ground with their legs in the air to show off the soles of their shoes to their friends !

The collaboration between Kickers and Lego has created not just a range of fantastically funky kids' shoes but also a penny-saving offer perfect for the school holidays. Whenever you purchase a pair of Lego Kickers, the child receives a voucher which entitles them to free entry into Legoland Windsor. There will be a Lego Live mini festival on the 17-18th July for kids, where there will be a chance for the kids and parents to see the new Kickers Lego collection. The theme of Legoland this summer is pirates, and to celebrate Kickers are collaborating with Lego to come up with a pirate themed shoe.

Go on Mums and Dads, you know you want to !!

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  1. These new Kickers Lego shoe collection are what I need because my daughter loves legos and it is the perfect gift for her, besides she'll look so cute wearing those shoes.m10m


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