Wednesday 5 May 2010

Ambi Pur 3volution - Vanilla Treat

I've already raved about the 3volution air-fresheners from Ambi Pur, that stop you from getting nose-fatigue (which is a term that I've just created rather than some medical condition !) by constantly switching from one scent to another, thereby preventing the gorgeous scent from just blending into the background unnoticed when your nose gets used to it. I reviewed the Winter Sensations 3volution a few months ago but I've now been trying out the Vanilla Treat 3volution.

I have to admit, when the lovely PR lady asked me if I'd like to try out the new vanilla fragrance, I did a bit of a double take because the Winter Sensations fragrance was vanilla too. So does it smell the same or totally different ? Well, to be perfectly honest, I can't remember - but I do remember that the Winter Sensations vanilla smell was warm and luxurious and Christmassy, whereas the Vanilla Treat scents smelt fresher and more springlike, like bringing the outdoors inside. Is that just psychological because I can see the sun shining through the window or have they subtly adapted the scents to reflect the changing seasons ? I have no idea, but you won't find the seasonal Winter Sensations range in the shops until next Christmas anyway, so make the most of it and discover the delicate, fresh Vanilla Treat range instead !

Ambi Pur explain, "Smell is intrinsically linked to mood enhancement, so by choosing a soothing fragrance, you can help bring a feeling of wellbeing into your home. Vanilla, in particular, is a renowned favourite fragrance, conjuring up pleasant memories and a sense of nostalgia that brings a sense of softness, purity and simplicity with it."

The Vanilla Treat range, like the Winter Sensations one, is inspired by "freshly baked cakes, creamy hot drinks and sweet vanilla fudge" - and the best part is, it's all totally calorie-free ! Just the thing after the chocolate-fest at Easter !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : Primary unit: £7.99, Perfume Refill: £4.49


  1. I don't have the chance of read this one, but if you recommend a book, for sure must be good, but for disgrace I don't have the time to read in this moment, so I gonna take some notes to read it after.

  2. LOL Obviously you don't have the chance of read this review either, it's for air freshener, not a book!!!


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