Thursday 6 May 2010

Mediband medical ID bracelets for children and adults

As a teacher, one of the first things I always try to find out at the start of the new school year is whether or not I have any kids in my class with a medical condition I need to know about - epilepsy, asthma, allergies or whatever. Should something happen that requires urgent medical treatment, the vital first few minutes spent waiting for the school nurse to arrive and checking medical records could be catastrophic.

These Medibands are a fabulous idea, combing the funky appeal of wristbands that kids and teenagers love, with the potentially lifesaving information that people would need in an emergency. If you are the parent of a child with a medical problem or allergy, it would be really reassuring - especially for young children who may not talk yet or who are too shy to speak up. Sending a small child with a "food allergy" wristband to the school canteen, for example, makes sure everyone is aware of the problem.

Michael Randall from Mediband explains, "Mediband can help provide peace of mind for many parents - our bracelets come in a range of sizes, colours and funky styles, so children will be happy to wear them, plus telephone numbers for parents can be printed onto the bands, so that they can be contacted if an emergency situation should arise. It could be one of the most important purchases you ever make for your child, because it could save their life.”

The company caters for over 20 different medical conditions, and that number is growing. If you or your child has a medical issue, I would strongly recommend you buy one (or several, because they're bound to lose them !) just to be on the safe side.

RRP : from £2.08 to £1.03, depending on the size of the order

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  2. Alex Smith
    The above information is so very true its rely important for caring medical bracelets when suffering from any diseases . but one can have these bracelets in much cheaper way .

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