Friday, 20 November 2015

A new globe-cooking destination : Ethiopia !

Last month's Kitchen Trotter destination was Morocco (click here to see the contents of the box) , a country I've visited and a cuisine I had a fairly good idea of. This month, we're staying on the African continent but discovering a land and a cuisine that I know nothing about : Ethiopia.

Inside the box, I found a bag of Banana Plantain Chips, some Ethiopian coffee and a coffee dispensing spoon.

There was also a jar of chunky papaya jam, berbéré spices, baobab juice, Teff flour and coffee-flavoured chocolate. Hmmm not overly impressed with having two coffee products as I'm not a coffee-lover, but I'm sure Madhouse Daddy won't complain !

 So, what recipes are in this month's booklet ? I actually had no idea what kind of food is traditional in Ethiopia so I was very intrigued.

Ye Mesir Azifa, which is Injeras (see below) filled with lentils

Lega Tibs, which is Injeras filled with beef and vegetables

Injeras, which are Ethiopian pancakes 

And Fetira, which are sweet pancakes filled with jam and drizzled with chocolate.

Pancakes it is then ! Not quite what I was expecting when I saw that the destination was Ethiopia but I'll be interested to see what we think ... and of course, I'll be back to share the recipes with you very soon.


  1. This is possibly my favourite weekly thing on the web at the moment Cheryl, I used to do a 'culture night' with the kids, I let them pick a country out of a hat, and I would then try to find what was the right meal for us all... Of course I was shooting in the dark so it rarely turned out as well as yours - you make me went to do it again!!

    1. Give it a go - there's a country-by-country recipe index over in my side bar if you need some inspiration ! :)


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