Tuesday 10 November 2015

Madhouse recipe : Honey & Wholegrain Mustard Pork

You may remember that I vowed to clear out the fridge a couple of weeks ago because the entire top shelf was (oh OK, still is !) full of jars of little-used condiments - mainly things that we've received in hampers of cooking ingredients or Kitchen Trotter globe-cooking boxes that I don't know what to do with. Well, I'm a woman on a mission and I'm working my way through them slowly but surely.

Now, one thing I'm really not keen on is mustard - although I've recently discovered that I love American yellow mustard because it's nowhere near as hot as the English version. We do all like Maille au Miel honey mustard though, so when I came across this jar of Wholegrain Mustard in the fridge, I decided to see if it would work with honey too.

I mixed 4tbsp of wholegrain mustard with an equal amount of runny honey (this one came back from Turkey with us last summer) and had a little taste - not quite the same as the smooth honey mustard straight from a jar but equally mellow, sweet and zingy.

I slathered it all over the pork roast before putting it in the oven. After 40 minutes, it started to burn in some places so I put a piece of foil over the top for the rest of the cooking time. It made a lovely juicy, flavoursome crust for the pork and added a nice depth of flavour - I may have to do this again to use up the remaining half a jar, unless I can find something else to do with it. Any ideas ?

What's lurking in your larder/fridge/spice rack? Join in with this month's #KitchenClearout linky.


  1. Wholegrain mustard is one of those hard to use up things. How about putting some in a sausage casserole dish.

    1. Ooh that sounds nice and I have one on next week's menu plan too :)

  2. Oh I love mustard, and lots of it, lol. That's a great combination of flavours, honey and mustard are good together

  3. Sounds good.I will try using on some my vegetarian recipes

  4. That looks lovely. I have used honey and mustard on a piece of ham before but not pork. I must give it a go.


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