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Project Mc2 McKeyla's Lava Light doll review

Project Mc2 is a range of dolls which uses smart and savvy science-inspired play to encourage young girls into science, a domain that is still sadly often viewed as male-oriented even today. The dolls are based on the STEM system and are a great way to introduce just how fun different aspects of science can be, whatever your sex. They tie in with the Netflix original series of the same name, which features four main characters, each with a different personality, interests and sense of style. 

• McKeyla McAlister (Mc2) - Writer, hipster and undercover spy! When McKeyla isn’t writing in her journal, you’ll find her reading a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, upcycling or saving the world! Her catch phrase is “I’m smart. Get over it!”

• Adrienne Attoms (A2) - Made of a more complex recipe than sugar and spice. Adrienne is a culinary chemist! Originally from Spain (her father is a diplomat), she just loves to host dinner parties. Her catch phrase is “Pretty Brilliant”

• Bryden Bandweth (B2) - Bryden loves tweeting, digital photography, streaming music and anything tech! Just don’t ask her to go camping in the wilderness or anywhere without a hotspot! She’s a 24/7 #digitaldarling. Her catch phrase? “Stand Back, I’m Trending”

• Camryn Coyle (C2) - Known for her high IQ, Camryn’s real genius comes out in the garage – especially when it comes to her souped up skateboard! Her catch phrase is “Nailed It”

The four girls attend Maywood Glenn Academy - but are also part of a secret, seriously cool organisation, NOV8 (pronounced ‘Innovate’). Even their friendship makes mathematical sense - based on the Pythagorean theorem that A2 + B2 = C2. It's great to find such a positive message about science that strongly targets tween girls.

We received McKeyla's doll which comes with a make-your-own Lava Light. The other dolls give you the chance to create Camryn’s skateboard, make Adrienne’s volcano erupt or Bryden’s glow stick shine!

The doll is really pretty with funky clothes but much less make-up or over-sexualisation than many other fashion dolls. I wouldn't let a daughter of mine go out in shorts that skimpy though !

Juliette was very excited about trying out the lava lamp experiment and showed me the instructions on the back of the box. It requires products that you are likely to already have in the house - water, oil, food colouring and effervescent tablets.

What is really cool for fans is that on the Project MC2 youtube or facebook pages, you can see the actresses from the show demonstrating the experiments that go with their character dolls.

Pierre and Juliette excitedly tried out the experiment but I wasn't sure what to use as effervescent tablets - on the video, the "real" McKeyla suggests using Alka Seltzer but as I didn't have any, I opted for dissolvable aspirin. After a rummage through the first aid cupboard, I discovered that I only had dissolvable powders, so we used that instead but it didn't work as well as a tablet would.

We did get a few bubbles and the red light underneath looks very funky but the kids were slightly underwhelmed. I wasn't overly keen about giving them the idea of playing with things out of the medicine cabinet either so we'll come back to it another day when I've found a suitable replacement for the effervescent tablets.

We love the range, which promotes great values to tween girls and is also great fun to play with. The two-in-one doll and science kit concept is also perfect for Christmas if you can't decide whether your favourite niece/cousin/daughter's friend is more into fashion dolls or something more hands-on ! (The dolls are available without the added science experiments too.)

If you have a tween daughter who is a fan or if you think the series and the dolls would appeal to her, there are loads of ways to find out more online.

You can visit to become an honorary member of NOV8 and ‘ladder up’ through the organisation through a series of fun Ops tests. You can play games, take quizzes, watch videos, learn more about the girls from Project Mc2 and even ask them questions!

Or download the free app, Project Mc2 Case Files, from the App Store to go on missions for NOV8. Collect evidence, analyse the clues and solve the case! If you’re playing on a smart phone, you can pop your device into the A.D.I.S.N. Notebook for added secret spy mission play, just like you’re McKeyla McAlister. Use the key code in the back on the booklet included with A.D.I.S.N. to unlock
even more clues. With over 1,000 missions to play on the app, NOV8 will be keeping you busy.

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star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £24.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. That's a really good idea to put dolls together with science. The dolls are a bit stick thin though!

    1. I did comment on her extremely skinny legs too !


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