Saturday, 21 November 2015

Disney Marvel Kids marvel-lous interactive website ! (review)

Hands up if you have a mini Marvel fan in your midst ! Who's their favourite ? Is it one of The Avengers - The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor or Black Widow? Maybe they prefer Spiderman? Well, whatever they answered, it doesn't matter because Disney Marvel Kids interactive website features all of them ! To encourage children to interact with their favourite super heroes and Disney characters, Disney have various interactive websites with games, videos and printable activities and they asked us to go and check out the Marvel Kids interactive site which is aimed at boys and girls aged 4 and over.

Pierre is a big Spiderman fan so we immediately went to check out the Spiderman games and were delighted to discover that there are eight of them. They were quite slow to load but that might be down to my internet connection which is a bit dodgy at the moment ! I was a bit put off by the name of the first game - Spider-Man Epic Battles - which sounded a bit violent, but it's actually a really fun memory game. There are three different mini games - a sequence game like the original electronic game Simon that I had as a child in the eighties; a pairs game (every time you get one right, you hit your enemy and make him lose energy, but if you get one wrong, he'll get in a hit on you - a brilliant twist on the usual pairs games); and a Candy Crush/Jewel Mania type alignment game. Even as a grown-up, I thought they were great fun ! Other games have you helping Spiderman do his classic moves, such as Web Slinger, Web Shooter, Wall Crawler or Rescue Mission. Pierre also loves the Spider-Cycle game but when I asked him if it was his favourite, he said that he couldn't pick one because they're all good !

If you prefer limiting screen time for your children, you'll be pleased to know that there are also a series of printable activity sheets, including mazes, wordsearches and word scrambles. These would be great for keeping over-excited guests entertained at children's parties.

Older children will enjoy clicking through to learn more about Spiderman's universe and all the other related characters, but those who can't yet read needn't feel left out because there are also a series of videos that you can watch.

Pierre loves playing games or watching videos on the ipad but I love the fact that there will be no nasty surprises like in-app purchases or unsuitable content or adverts if he goes on the Disney website instead. If Marvel doesn't float your boat, click back to the main Disney Games section at the top of the screen and you have oodles of other choices, from Doc McStuffins and Sofia The First to Phineas and Ferb, Frozen and Inside Out. There really is something for everyone.

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Disclosure : We received a Disney voucher in return for an honest review of the Marvel Kids interactive website.


  1. The unsuitable adverts are a worry, so its nice to know this doesn't.

  2. My son would love this - will need to have a look!



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