Monday, 2 November 2015

Dr Oetker Mug Cake review

As it was the holidays last week, I went rummaging in the back of my baking cupbord to see what could be used up and I came across this trio of Dr Oetker Mug Cake sachets from a recent Degustabox. We had three flavours to try - Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Lemon.

The Madhouse kids were very enthusiastic about trying them out. Sophie took over the measuring out of the milk and they each selected their mug and sachet then stirred in the powder.

It didn't look like there was much in the mugs but I know they rise up during cooking. It also remained quite lumpy, despite our best efforts at mixing it all until smooth.

Into the microwave for just over a minute then leave to cool for a couple of minutes. The chocolate chip one looks like it's smaller than the others but it's because the mug is wider.

Well, they got a mixed reception. Sophie ate all of her chocolate one and said it was lovely, a bit like brownies, with a really rich chocolatey flavour. Pierre and Juliette ate half of theirs but decided they were too stodgy and dry. I had a taste and I'd have to agree with them.

For a fun project and an instant cake option with basically zero ingredients (4 tablespoons of milk), we have no regrets but they're not a patch on real cakes. I was slightly shocked at the calorie count too - between 200-300 calories for one small mug cake ! We might make them again to warm up after a wet and windy school run though.

star rating : 3/5 (4/5 for the chocolate one)

RRP : 79p per sachet (currently on offer for 50p at Sainsbury's or 2 for £1 at Morrisons)


  1. I like the look and the sound of these....A treat after the school run sounds a great idea x

  2. this one is worth trying.I'm buying it today itself

  3. These look amazing and easy to make


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