Sunday 1 November 2015

#KitchenClearout October roundup & November linky

It's hard to believe that we're into November already - this year seems to be racing by ! - so it's time for another roundup of #KitchenClearout recipes. If you fancy joining in, have a look at what's cluttering up your kitchen space - maybe your cupboards, fridge, freezer or spice rack need a clearout - then see what you can make with it. With Christmas on the way, now is a great time to start making extra space in the cupboards.

So what did we all use up in October? 

This Basil & Bean Stew was the perfect winter warmer and used nothing but a few cans out of the cupboard.

A veg-packed Souperhero Soup was a great way of clearing out the fridge and cupboard.

An unexpected sick child day when the cupboards and fridge were bare was a bit of challenge - Old Mother Hubbard's pasta bake with the odds and ends was a surprise hit.

Claire from Ninja Killer Cat got creative and made a Spiced Tea Chocolate Egg Free Cake

What to do with some rather tough leftover cooked pork? A sachet of Sticky Chinese Pork Marinade lurking in the back of the cupboard saved the day.

A box of Betty Crocker Chocolate Orange Swirl Cake hiding at the back of the cupboard produced this beauty that tasted as good as it looked.

I gave my spice rack a much needed clearout so look out for recipes for using up various herbs and spices next month !

Jane from Onions & Paper got typically imaginative and created a fabulous combination : Butternut Squash with Feta & Pomegranate. Sounds intriguing.

I tweaked the recipe for Cranberry & Orange Muffins to use up some half-used coconut water and a pack of steevia from a Degustabox. They still tasted great.

Halloween was the perfect time for making Pumpkin Pie and using up a tin of pumpkin puree that has been lingering in the cupboard since last Christmas ! I really wasn't sure what it would taste like but it was surprisingly lovely.

So there you have it. Another fabulous roundup that just goes to show what you can create with a bit of imagination and not much else ! Let's see what next month's #KitchenClearout brings - I'd like to get through some of the sachets on my spice rack for starters !


  1. Love reading these as have always been a fan of the recipes that you can come up with with what's left in the fridge/larder. Lokking forward to seeing some spicy recipes this month!

  2. I need to use up loads of herbs & spices as well, so looking forward to your inspirational recipes.

  3. I had a good clearout a few weeks back. I found stuff that was years out of date, stuff I'd forgotten I had, and stuff I was over the moon to find. To look at it now, though it looks like it needs doing again.


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