Friday, 13 November 2015

Christmas crafting fun with Yellow Moon (review)

We absolutely love being Yellow Moon bloggers and here at The Madhouse, our festive spirit got cranked up a notch when this fabulous box of Christmas and winter-themed goodies arrived. We always love finding out what's hiding inside our Yellow Moon parcels and, as usual, we discovered a brilliant mix of crafting kits and fun toys.

Having three children aged 6, 10 and 14, it's often difficult to find an activity that appeals to all three of them but Yellow Moon seem to hit the spot every time. The Reindeer Gift Bag Kits (£3.75 for 4) were the first thing that got picked out.

As there were four to make, even I joined in and I can confirm that they're great fun to make ! They look fabulously festive so they could be used as gift bags or decorations in the run up to the big day.

There were a few extra adhesive googly eyes in the kits which Pierre had great fun with !

The fun and games continued the next day with the Christmas Foam Glasses Kits (£3.99 for 4).

Once again, they appealed to all of the Madhouse kids, regardless of age or sex.

Great fun to make and great fun to wear too.

This is definitely a photo to bring out for his eighteenth birthday !

And I won't have to wait so long for Sophie's 18th !

While I was busy with a huge pile of marking, Juliette and Pierre kept themselves occupied making the Star Glitter Mosaic Wand Kits (£3.75 for 4) and then wanted to try the Penguin Sewing Decoration Kits (£3.95 for 3).

I was convinced that they would be too hard for them to make without my help, so I was very impressed when they came over and showed me that they'd managed to make them. They did a great job and these would look fantastic hung from the Christmas tree ... or just your chin !

If you're looking for Christmas party favours or stocking fillers, these Santa Beard Whistles really appealed to Pierre (and even the girls when they thought I wasn't looking !). They make a fun whizzy whistle noise and at £1.95 for 6, they won't break the banks.

Another fab festive pocket money toy/stocking filler that the kids have been having great fun with ever since they arrived are these Tumbling Snowmen (£2.45 for 4). Pierre loves throwing them up at the top of the window then watching them walking down doing cartwheels. I remember very similar toys from my youth and it's great to see that such simple, traditional toys still have such great appeal for modern kids. Who needs electronic toys and screens ?!

We also received some Santa Felt Stickers (£2.99 for 90) and a Christmas Printed Paper Pack (£3.99 for 50), both of which have been put aside for some Christmas crafting in the next few weeks. We'll definitely make some crackers and Christmas cards, but I'm sure the Madhouse kids will have some other imaginative ideas too.

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Disclosure : As Yellow Moon bloggers, we regularly receive exciting parcels of goodies in order to write an honest review.


  1. I like the Penguin Sewing kit - very cute!

  2. Great crafting session. Lol @ Pierre! I think he and Eddie would have a super time together, laughing and clowning around

    1. They definitely would ... and while they were having fun, we'd be having a natter and eating cake ! lol :)

  3. those little penguins are adorable

  4. I'm a bit jealous! I love all those Christmas crafts and I now have to go visit Yellow Moon and see what I can get the girls. We love crafting but even more so at Christmas! :o)

    1. I always love all the festive build-up too. Can't wait to bring out my xmas cd but I usually wait until December !

  5. This is brilliant and definitely great for all ages.


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