Saturday, 14 November 2015

Madhouse recipe : Pierre's Healthy Starter

During the week, Pierre and Juliette eat at the school canteen which means they get a starter (usually salads containing beetroot or sweetcorn or grated carrot, sometimes soup or a little cheese pastry, maybe a slice of pâté or mackerel with bread...) before their main meal. Out of the blue, as I was cooking up their evening meal earlier in the week, Pierre excitedly arrived in the kitchen asking if they could have a starter. I was tired out after a long day at work but his enthusiasm and beaming face were infectious and meant that I couldn't say no, so we went for an easy 5-minute, throw-together-what's-in-the-fridge concoction. A bit of clever presentation and he was over the moon, despite it basically being a plateful of vegetables  !

Pierre's Healthy Starter

ingredients :

1 carrot
2 cherry tomatoes
a couple of sesame breadsticks
a scattering of cashew nuts
a drizzle of orange juice

Halve the cherry tomatoes and the breadsticks and arrange them around the edges of the plate. Place a heart shaped cookie cutter in the middle of the plate.

Peel and grate the carrot. Squish it inside the cookie cutter to form a heart-shaped pile then gently remove the cookie cutter. Pour a splash of orange juice on top of the carrots and scatter with cashews.

Pierre got even more creative, pushing a breadstick in the carrots and plonking a cherry tomato on top to make a boat. I wonder who he gets it from ?! (*Whistles innocently* !)


  1. What a great idea the heart shape is! I'm going to do this with my children.

    1. My original plan was to do it with sweetcorn, which I think would work even better, but we'd run out !

  2. My son calls this a "picky platter" and often has an adapted version for his tea with a sandwich or roll and some sort of dip. He eats this sort of thing better than a cooked meal.

    1. I'm not sure why but finger food always goes down well !


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