Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Limited edition wintry scents from Surf and Comfort (review)

What does your washing smell of ? When it's clean I mean - I really don't want to know what it smells like on the way into the machine ! If I think of my classic laundry fragrances, it's usually fresh air, sunshine and meadow flowers. That's all very lovely, evocative of washing that's been dried on the line outside on a beautiful springtime or summer's day, but Surf and Comfort have come up with some fabulously seasonal limited edition scents so that even your laundry can smell festive !

Surf Winter Violets & Mistletoe has a lovely delicate floral fragrance and we loved the festive bottle, complete with snowflakes, mistletoe and the Surf butterfly who looks like an angel or the Christmas star shining out from the middle of the bottle.

Comfort Creations Mistletoe & Crocus completes the wintry washing experience. It also smells gorgeous and my thick winter jumpers came out so soft and beautifully fragranced that I couldn't stop snuggling down into them to discreetly sniff them ! 

I'm always a bit worried about clashing fragrances, so I tend to use either a highly scented laundry detergent or fabric softener and pair it with a neutral, unfragranced or very lightly scented product. The new Surf and Comfort have been designed and specially blended by perfume experts to  encompass an array of complimentary fragrances though, so they work really well together.

By combining the two, you get a heady, uplifting scent that even had my work colleagues asking me if I'd started using a new perfume ! There's only one slight problem - I can't stop myself from bursting into a rendition of Cliff Richard's Mistletoe and Wine every time I load up the machines !

Surf Winter Violets & Mistletoe has an RRP of £5.00 for 25w Liquid. Comfort Creations Mistletoe & Crocus has an RRP of £3.30. Both are available from all major supermarkets from 15th October 2015 to 1st February 2016.

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. lovely, I love trying all the limited edition products

  2. These sound really nice, I love the packaging too.


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