Monday, 9 November 2015

Madhouse recipe : Black Forest Gâteau Cupcakes

OK, OK, I know they look nothing like Black Forest Gâteau but bear with me here !

A while ago, I came across Sugar and Crumbs on twitter and discovered their fabulous range of flavoured icing sugars. They offered to send samples out and I was delighted to receive a box of goodies in the post - big bags of Pina Colada and Black Forest flavoured icing sugar, as well as some samples of a few of their other flavours (Strawberry Milkshake, Velvet Vanilla, Blueberry and Lemon Drizzle), all of which are delicious.

This gave me an idea - I also had a pouch of WeightWatchers Chocolate Cherry Brownie Flavoured Hot Chocolate to use up so that sounded like a match made in heaven. Cupcake paradise, here we come !

Black Forest Gâteau Cupcakes

ingredients :

3 eggs (160g)
160g margarine
130g sugar
160g flour
1tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
3tbsp chocolate cherry brownie hot chocolate powder
1/3 pot of cherry jam
140g black forest flavoured icing sugar
65g margarine
white chocolate hearts (to decorate)

Put the margarine and sugar in a bowl and beat together.

Break in the eggs and add the flour.

Beat to a smooth batter. Add the salt, baking powder and hot chocolate powder.

Use the mixture to fill a silicon muffin tin. (We got 12 out of it.) Bake for 15 minutes then leave to cool.

Use a teaspoon to carefully scoop out the centre of the cakes. Fill with cherry jam.

Pop the cut-out cake back on top to fill the hole.

Beat the icing sugar and margarine together with a whisk to create a glossy, creamy butter icing. Pipe around the top of the cake, to hide the cut-out.

Top each cake with a white chocolate heart - or a cherry would have been even better, if I'd had any to hand.

They're very rich but they're rather lovely. The soft sponge with the hidden gooey centre and gorgeously rich flavoured icing all combine to create a surprisingly effective black forest flavour, that you'd never expect just from looking at them.

Linking up to the #KitchenClearout linky as I used up a bag of hot chocolate that has been lurking on the shelf for far too long !

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Disclosure : I received the icing sugar from Sugar and Crumbs in order to get creative in the kitchen.


  1. Pam Francis Gregory9 November 2015 at 18:52

    These look lovely!

  2. Ooh, the secret bit of cherry jam. Wonderful!

    1. That was a particular stroke of genius - totally indulgent ! lol

  3. Had not heard of these flavoured icing sugars before, sound like a really good idea. These cakes look really tasty too

    1. They have some really unusual flavours - definitely worth a look :)

  4. What a creative recipe! I love Sugar and Crumbs and the surprise packages you receive when you order from them. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums Food - Thanks for joining in the Food Roundup x


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