Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Start your day with a squidge ! (Soreen Breakfast Bakes review)

Soreen, producers of (amongst other things) fabulously squishy malt loaf, recently sent us through a delivery of their brand new Breakfast Bakes to try out. We got to sample two of the flavours - Original Malt & Toasted Oats and Apple, Cinnamon & Toasted Oats - but there is also a third variety, Fruity Five.

Inside each cardboard box, you get a plastic tray containing five individually wrapped bars. Excess packaging is one of my pet peeves and that inner plastic sleeve does seem totally superfluous to me, so it would be nice for Soreen to make an effort to be a bit more eco-friendly and reduce landfill.

I started off with an Apple, Cinnamon & Toasted Oats bar which has a pleasant taste, that's sweet and fruity with a dominant cinnamon topnote. The toasted wholegrain oats add some nice texture and are designed to keep your energy levels topped up all morning but they are just sprinkled on top so they fall off very easily - if you're eating one in bed or on the bus, be prepared to be showered in oats when you take the bar out of the wrapper !

The bars aren't completely uniform - on this bar taken out of the pack at random, one end was more toasted than the other and the thickness varies across the bar - but I love this more homemade look. 

Soreen promise a bar of squidginess and they aren't exaggerating ! It has a lovely gooey, chewy texture and is quite airy but it's slightly dry so you'll need a drink with it (although I did eat two in one go, for the purpose of reviewing, which could be why I needed to whet my whistle afterwards !)

The Original Malt & Toasted Oats flavour is very similar to regular malt loaf, with the addition of toasted oats on top. Again very tasty and one 40g bar is surprisingly satisfying. The bars are specially designed for breakfast, but they'd work equally well as a mid-morning/afternoon snack or even a guilt-free grazing option in front of the telly.

Each bar is low in fat and calories - 122 calories and 1g of fat of which 0.3g saturates for the Original or 119 calories and 1.6g of fat of which 0.5g saturates for the Apple & Cinnamon flavour. It's a nice alternative to malt loaf for breakfast because you don't need to faff about slicing it, it has a moister and softer texture than breakfast biscuits or cereal bars and the individual wrappers make them a great option for breakfast on the go or for keeping in your desk drawer at work for when your tummy's grumbling.

The kids loved them too so I'll definitely be looking out for these in the shops.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2 for 5 (currently on offer for £1.50 at Sainsbury's)

Now available in selected Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons stores.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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