Thursday, 19 November 2015

Madhouse recipe : Cinnamon animal cookies

While having a much needed clearout of my baking cupboard, I came across some animal cookie cutters that the kids hadn't seen for ages and instantly wanted to try out. I decided to clear out my icing pens so I thought I'd need a fairly bland biscuit base that would be easy to decorate. I also seem to have loads of cinnamon on my spice rack so I decided to use up some of that too. The kids had so much fun and were really proud of their creations so we'll definitely be making more of these !

Cinnamon animal cookies

ingredients :

75g butter
125g  sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
150g self-raising flour
2 tbsp ground cinnamon 

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together until smooth. Add a bit extra flour if it's too wet, a splash of milk if it's too dry.

Roll it out on a floured surface.

Try to keep more flour on the table than on the kitchen floor !

Cut out the animal shapes.

Transfer to a baking tray and cook for 12 minutes at 180°.

Leave to cool thoroughly then let your creative juices flow with the icing pens.

It's more fun than colouring and you get to eat your creations after all that hard work !

What's lurking in your larder/fridge/spice rack? Join in with this month's #KitchenClearout linky.


  1. I think even I could manager these cookies, I will bookmark to do with our little grandson!

    1. Use margarine instead of butter to make it even easier to mix - have fun ! :)

  2. This is perfect for children to do. Only really need help with weighing and the oven.


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