Sunday, 1 November 2015

Toastie treats to Tickler your tastebuds ! (review)

You may remember that last month, Castello sent us through a selection of their cheeses and invited us to embrace our inner Scandinavian and discover the art of smorging. Now that the weather has turned decidedly colder and winter warmers are filling up my weekly menu plans, it was the perfect time for them to send us through a fabulous pack to create the ultimate toasted cheese sandwich.

Along with a sandwich toaster, some crispbread and a jar of cranberry jelly, there was a big slab of Castello Tickler Mature, described as a "mature Devonshire cheddar perfectly balanced with a smooth and creamy texture, a hint of sweetness and a lively finish". It has a lovely rich flavour and a rather crumbly but creamy texture. I wasn't entirely sure about cheese and cranberry so I decided to break open a jar of The Red Rapscallion, a red onion 'marmalade' with redcurrants & chillis from The Pickled Village.

I made some homemade bread especially for the occasion but, once I'd sliced it rather haphazardly, it was too thick to be made into a toasted sandwich so we opted for cheese on toast instead. The cheese melts beautifully, becoming gooey and oozing across the bread but still holding its shape so it doesn't all slide off when eating it. A generous smear of sweet and spicy chutney on top, a crispy chewy slice of bread underneath and a thick slice of Tickler provides the ultimate cheese on toast. Very tasty indeed.

The Madhouse kids had other ideas though and cut off thick slices to wedge inside their baked potatoes. Pierre proudly informed me that he'd made a cheesy butterfly !

Whether with potatoes or bread, it certainly Tickle(re)d our tastebuds ! Sometimes the Madhouse kids aren't keen on mature cheddar because they find it too strong, but they loved the flavour and texture of this one. It's also available as Extra Mature which I will definitely look out for next time I'm in the supermarket too.

Disclosure : We received a parcel of goodies, including some Castello Tickler.

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