Saturday 3 March 2012

Sudocrem Mousse moisturiser and sunscreen review

When Sudocrem announced that they were launching some new products and asked if I'd like to try them out and review them, I was expecting a variation on the nappy cream that generations of mums - including myself - have used. However, I was totally wrong. Sudocrem have got all innovative and branched out so the new products have nothing to do with babies' bums ! They have come up with Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse and Sudocrem Sunscreen mousse, which are the only children's products to feature Proderm Technology.

Err, no, I didn't know what that meant either, but luckily they explained it all in an accompanying press release ! "Proderm Technology® is a clinically proven leap forward in simple and effective skin care. Its patented mousse formulation has both skin moisturising and barrier-strengthening properties. The mousse closely mimics the skin’s composition in order to gently penetrate, moisturise and protect its outer layer. This means that the patented mousse formulation is rapidly absorbed, forming a semi-permeable, non-greasy membrane and strengthening the lipid composition of the skin. It also doesn’t smother the skin so it can breathe."

Sounds great on paper but let's see how it stands up to some hands on testing. I tried out the Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse on Pierre, who has a dry patch of skin down one side of his nose for some reason (from blowing his nose too much when he had a cold recently, maybe ?) and also slightly dry skin on his body. This is the first time I've used a moisturising mousse and I have to say, it's a genius idea. No spills if you knock the can over, no dribbles or drips and no complicated contortionist moves when trying to put the bottle down and close the lid with one hand, while keeping hold of a wriggly baby on the changing table with the other hand out of action full of liquid lotion waiting to spill everywhere. You can squirt the mousse in your hand and turn it upside down and it still won't drip. Also, the foamy texture and the noise that it makes coming out of the can made Pierre giggle and squirm a lot less that when I try to smother him with cold, runny lotion.

It's quite thick and firm when it comes out of the can, kind of like shaving foam, so you need to rub it for a while for it to be absorbed into the skin but when this is achieved, there is no greasy residue at all. I just rubbed some into my hands to remind myself of the texture and it passed the "no need to run off and wash my hands before resuming typing" test with flying colours.

It feels lovely, leaving the skin feeling soothed and moisturised but not all all sticky or greasy, but I have to admit I'm not keen on the smell on application. This disappears once it's absorbed though and it's free from perfumes, as well as colours, parabens and other preservatives.

The moisturising mousse promises to work for up to 12 hours so I'm keen to see how well the sunscreen mousse works this summer. It's factor 50 and says it should be reapplied 2 or 3 times a day, depending on the strength of the sun, and after swimming or towelling dry.The kids always hate the cold, runny feeling of sun cream or lotion so I think they'll much prefer the mousse texture.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : moisturising mousse £8.99 for 150ml, sunscreen mousse £14.99 for 150ml

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  1. Wow, not what I would have expected from Sudocrem either, they sound good though!

  2. I love Sudocrem, it's great for everything so I would definitely give these a try!


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