Thursday 4 October 2012

Halloween Costumes for Teens (and Everybody Else)

Finding a Halloween costume for toddlers and young children is a piece of cake. Firstly, they look cute whatever you put them in. Secondly, they're game for wearing just about anything.

Thirdly, they only care about the quantity of sweets in their haul - street cred is not an issue.

Then they hit their teens (actually, Sophie is still only 11 so she's not technically even hit her teens yet !) and it all gets more complicated. Most kids' Halloween costumes don't fit. Sophie is nearly as tall as me so we generally end up looking at the adult section but you have the choice of scantily-clad sexy witches or grotesque blood-spattered horror costumes, neither or which are any good for an 11-year-old.

When Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress asked us if we'd like to choose a Halloween outfit to review,  I told Sophie that we'd have a look to see if they had something suitable for her. We were both very chuffed to see that they had a whole teen section and within two minutes, Sophie had found her dream outfit. This Teen Lolita Halloween Outfit. (As a parent, I would usually totally refuse to buy aything with the word Lolita in the title for a tween/teen-aged girl but it's nowhere near as trashy or sexy as the name makes it sound.)

Just a few days later, a big flat cardboard box was dropped off by the postman and Sophie discovered her much coveted Halloween outfit.

It's a much brighter blue than in the picture on the website and the bottom of the dress isn't the same but Sophie said she loved it just as much. She decided to put a long sleeved black Tshirt on underneath, firstly so that she wouldn't be cold when we go out trick or treating and secondly, because the elastic arm cuffs rubbed her skin a bit.

Measurements wise, I would say it's bigger than what they say on the website. The measurements are given as :
  • Dress Size 6 - 8
  • Age: 14-16 Years
  • Chest 32" max.
  • Skirt waist elasticated to 38" max.
  • Hips 40"

I measured Sophie before buying it and we worked out that although the hips and waist would be fine, the top section would probably be too small. I calculated that Sophie would need a 34" or 36" top but said not to worry, I'd use my sewing skills to slit the back and add in a ribboned corset on the back or something so it would fit her. In the end, it's a perfect fit.

I need to add a few extras for the whole outfit to be ready - some tights (she wants fishnets like the picture, I'm thinking opaque woollen ones because it'll be cold and I'm not sure I'm ready to see my little girl in fishnets just yet !), a witch's hat and a black wig - but then she's ready to go. It's absolutely perfect for teens and tweens who want something that isn't babyish but who are too young for the sexy looks most adult costumes go for.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £29.99

Disclosure : We received a Halloween costume of our choice on order to write an honest review.

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  1. I made my own version of the teen lolita style

    :) then last year i was a pirate, this year Im thinking of cute girl clown or monster high werewolf? :)


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