Thursday 6 December 2012

Sophie's on a winning streak too !

There's always something very gratifying about winning competitions that demand a bit of effort and are judged on creativity rather than how many people you can get to vote for you  and there was much excitement at The Madhouse recently because I'm not the only one who seems to be on a bit of a lucky streak at the moment. You may remember me telling you about a competition hosted by Teach Your Monster To Read to draw a monster. This was Sophie's entry :

And she was the over the moon to learn that she was picked as the winner ! The prize was a whopping £150 worth of Usborne books and I was amazed to see just how many books we got to choose. Sophie very kindly asked to share her winnings with Juliette and Pierre (awwww) so we picked this lovely lot. There are just too many to fit in one photo (and there are still a few more to come, which were out of stock !) :

First Thousand Words in German sticker book - £6.99

Sticker Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland - £5.99

Story of London sticker book - £6.99

See Inside London £9.99

50 Things to Spot in London £5.99

The Great World Search - £7.99

That's Not My Mermaid - £5.99

1000 Christmas sStickers £9.99

First Sticker Book: Santa £4.99

Lots of Things to Find and Colour in Fairyland £9.99

Christmas Things to Stitch and Sew £4.99

365 Things to Do with Paper and Cardboard £12.99

The Great Planet Earth Search £7.99

Noisy Wind-up Fire Engine £16.99

Wipe-Clean Doodles £4.99

Big Doodling Book £7.99

First Encyclopedia of Our World £8.99

First Encyclopedia of History £8.99

Wowee, lots of sticking, crafting, doodling, sewing and learning on the cards here then ! Huge thanks to Teach Your Monster To Read for hosting such a fabulous competition and to Usborne for having such a brilliant selection of books to choose from !


  1. Well done Sophie, and well deserved, what a super monster!

  2. What a great prize and a lovely picture, and well done :-)

  3. Well done to Sophie, what a lovely prize and so well deserved! It's always a good mood boost to win a competition, hehe. xx

  4. Well done Sophie and great picture :)

  5. well done Sophie, a well deserved win, and very nice of you to share with the other 2


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