Monday 3 December 2012

Yellow Moon Christmas crafting supplies review

Here at The Madhouse, one of our favourite things about the run up to Christmas is all the lovely crafting opportunities that it throws up. We always sit down and make homemade Christmas cards for close family members, and we always make sparkly pictures and decorations to stick up in the windows too. We were therefore very happy when Yellow Moon sent us a fabulous package of winter-themed crafting supplies to get creative with.

I wandered out to get the dinner on and told the girls to make a start and this is what I came back to ! Some serious crafting going on there already !

Sophie had immediately grabbed some brightly coloured sheets of paper - green for a Christmas tree but she also couldn't resist the beautiful silver and gold papers.

Not to be outdone, Juliette made some fabulous double-sided decorations to put in the windows. We get the drawings and the cupcake stickers on the inside and from outside, you see the very chic shiny silver side.

I have to say, I was very impressed with Sophie's Christmas tree because she'd used the wiggly lines from the cupcake sticker sheet as tinsel. Very clever !

She also made a jolly Santa complete with bushy cotton wool beard and, after I'd put the camera away and gone back to the kitchen, a North Pole sign and a reindeer, all of which are proudly displayed on the windows.

Her final creation was the "sleeps to Xmas" countdown sign that I told you about in one of my Velcro #101Uses challenge posts.

Juliette, meanwhile, had started off one of the colour-your-own mobiles - what I love about the Yellow Moon packages is that they provide everything you need, including a pack of felt tips, so there is no scrabbling about trying to find pens or pencils when the table is already covered in other crafting supplies !

By this time, dinner was ready so we had to pack everything away. We'll be getting it all out again in a few days though - we still have a load of Christmas cards to make and the girls have big ideas for using the funky silver and gold papers, not to mention those irresistible pots of glitter !

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a pack of winter-themed craft products from Yellow Moon on order to show you what we used them for.

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  1. That 'sleeps to Christmas' sign looks like an easy crafting activity to do with my little brother and sister. Thank you :)

    Naomi xxx

  2. Love it. Think they have many items like those at baker ross which i also love loads. Well done girls some lovely crafting.

  3. I am a very loyal Yellow Moon customer - just love it! Gorgeous craft kits!

  4. I've heard a lot about Yellow Moon. I think I may give them a go. The girls craft work is fab.


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