Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Don't forget to protect your skin even on a cloudy day !

Some timely advice from Boots popped into my inbox earlier in the week, reminding us that you can still get sunburn on a cloudy day. You may remember our day at the beach, which started off rainy and stayed cloudy all day - well, despite the jumpers, we still managed to come home with sunburnt faces, so it really can be easy to get caught out. We were on a school trip to Dover Castle and Canterbury at the start of the week and I'm really glad I remembered to pack a bottle of suncream in my bag because - again, despite the clouds - I could feel my skin start to tingle as we sat down to our picnic lunch. The good news is, you can stock up on half price suncare products at Boots at the moment - read on for their advice and news of their current deals.


Ready, steady, get out there! 

Protect your skin with Boots UK as cloudy summer skies can be deceiving

The warmer weather is set to make another appearance this weekend and although there are set to be clouds in the sky it’s still important to protect your skin. Clare O’Connor, Boots Suncare Expert, advises, "Whilst it may not seem as hot on a day with some clouds in the sky, UV rays are getting through the clouds and you can still get sunburnt even though it feels cool! Levels of UV reaching the earth are at their highest at this time of year in the UK, particularly UVA rays which cause long term skin damage and ageing, so we should take care to protect our skin from the sun using a high SPF with 5* UVA rating even when it's a cloudy day."

So don't hang around, let's get out there and grab some fun in the sun, safe in the knowledge that Soltan's uncompromised 5* UVA protection has your skin covered. So whether you head to the coast, dust down the BBQ or uncover the sandpit in the back garden, you'll be set to make the most of the rays even if a few clouds turn up too. Even better, the Soltan range is now ½ price, making getting the whole family sun ready easy on your pocket as well as your skin!

For paddling and playing...
NEW Boots Soltan Once Kids 3 Hour Waterplay Spray SPF 30 or SPF 50, 200ml, £8.49 (was £16.99), provides up to three hours of water resistant protection and up to six hours sun protection. So if you’re all bundling in the car and setting off to the coast, or even just putting up the paddling pool in the back garden, you can have peace of mind that your little one is protected from the sun’s rays in the water for up to three hours, with a high SPF and Soltan’s 5* UVA protection.

For smiley (not sandy!) faces...
To help ensure that your little ones are safe playing in the sunshine, whilst you enjoy your first BBQ of the season, Boots UK has developed NEW Soltan Kids Sensitive Lotion SPF 30 or SPF 50+, 200ml, £5.99 (was £11.99), and NEW Soltan Kids Sensitive Spray SPF 30 or SPF 50+, 200ml, £6.49 (was £12.99). The ultra light, hypoallergenic formula reduces the risk of skin allergies and has been approved by dermatologists. And if you uncovered the sandpit as well as the BBQ, Soltan’s unique new sand-resistant technology means no sandy skin induced tantrums as the kids build their first sandcastle of the season!
And sun protection isn’t just for the kids; make sure you’re well protected from the sun’s rays too.

For glow getters...
Whether you’re at a friend’s BBQ, or escaping from it all on a daycation away from home, be confident that you’re protecting your skin whilst supporting its natural tanning with NEW Soltan Protect & Tan Spray, SPF 8, SPF 15 or SPF 30, 200ml, £6.99 (was £13.99) which provides the maximum 5*UVA protection rating, in a new handy spray format. The special ultra-light texture formula contains Tanositol SPE, an innovative ingredient naturally derived from the fruit of the carob tree, that helps stimulate the body’s natural tanning reaction. Whilst the patented antioxidant complex helps to protect against long term skin damage and ageing by limiting the production of free radicals caused by sun exposure.

Clare O’Connor, Boots Suncare Expert, explains, “We all want to get out there this summer and enjoy those fun summer experiences and it’s important the family is safe in the sun. Our exciting new products mean parents can rest assured their children have uncompromised protection with Soltan’s 5* UVA protection, and be safe themselves too.”

For avoiding little critters...
Don’t let bugs get in the way of eating al fresco, or a spontaneous afternoon stroll. Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion with Insect Repellent, SPF 8, SPF 15, SPF 30, 200ml, £4.99 (was £9.99) and SPF 30, SPF 50+, 400ml, £8.99 (was £17.99) is the only leading sun care brand to have a formula including insect repellent. This easily-absorbed lotion with gentle, odourless insect repellent provides continuous moisturisation for silky-soft skin, helping to reduce dryness and prevent peeling.*

Soltan products are formulated with a range of SPFs to help protect you from long term sun damage and burning whilst feeling your radiant best and in the mood for longer, sunnier days. Visit: Boots/soltan for further information.

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  1. I had no idea you could burn on a cloudy day - in this country.

  2. Thanks for the post very informative, we now using Soltan products this year. They seem to work well and do what they say on the packet.


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