Sunday 1 December 2013

New chocolatey treats from Galaxy and Mars review

We were very excited when this beautifully presented bag of goodies arrived for us to sample because we could instantly see that it contained a selection of products from Galaxy and Mars that take chocolate into a whole new dimension (drinking and spreading, not just chomping !). They've added some brand new products to the range and revamped some of the existing ones and we got to try them all - funnily enough, I seemed to have a lot of willing volunteers to help me test these ones ! 

We started off with the Thick Shakes which come in Mars, Maltesers or Galaxy Caramel flavours. Even as a chocolate-lover with a sweet tooth, I did find these quite sickly after a while, but they are very nice and do have the same great flavours that you would expect from the bars. The Mars one is chocolate and caramel flavoured, Maltesers has chocolate and malt flavours (I'd never thought about Maltesers containing malt but the name does kind of give it away!) and Galaxy Caramel is only caramel so don't expect it to have a chocolatey taste, despite the Galaxy brand. I was a bit concerned about the calorie content as they're so sweet and indulgent so I went to check on the bottle - each 300ml bottle contains under 250 calories (213 for Galaxy Caramel, 241 for Maltesers and 221 for Mars) which isn't too bad, considering you're unlikely to drink the whole lot in one sitting. The Madhouse Mini-testers loved all of these and couldn't decide which was their favourite. These new thick shakes are available from ASDA (all varieties) and Morrisons (MARS only). RRP £1.00.

Next, we tried the kids' absolute favourite - the Galaxy and Milky Way squeezy tubes of chocolate spreads. I have to agree, they are both delicious and Pierre has taken to asking for "chocolate toothpaste" on toast - I just hope he doesn't mention chocolate toothpaste to the dentist ! The Galaxy one is a hazelnut and chocolate spread so it is very similar to Nutella, just in funkier (not to mention less messy) packaging. The one that really appealed to us was the Milky Way one because it does deliver a perfect white and brown stripey line of  "chocolate and skimmed milk duo spread", although you generally mush it all together before eating it. This is lovely on toast and in sandwiches but has also been used to stick together two Rich Tea biscuits, on ice cream and I want to experiment with using it to ice cupcakes. At 83/84 calories per 15g, it's about the same as Nutella. We'll definitely be buying this again. They're  available from Sainsbury’s with a RRP of £1.99

I'm not a coffee fan so I handed over the reviewing of the Galaxy Iced Coffee to Madhouse Daddy. He wasn't keen but he's French so he thinks coffee should be black as tar, never "contaminated" with milk or cream, strong enough to stand a spoon up in and hot enough to remove the lining of your throat when you swallow it ! I did have a little sip and found it to be creamy and refreshing - I'd have drunk the whole lot if it didn't taste of coffee ! These are rebranded products, now called Galaxy Iced Coffee Mocha Latte in place of the original Galaxy Café Iced Coffee. They mix smooth Galaxy chocolate with the rich intensity of coffee beans and come in either Single Shot or Double Shot. They're available from ASDA and Tesco with a RRP of two for £2.

Finally, we tried the Galaxy Hot Chocolate. We already knew and really liked the existent Galaxy Hot Chocolate, but it's now even chocolatier with extra cocoa content. I love the fact that it's lovely and creamy even when made with water and really like the shape of the new tub too. The one that really impressed us though was the Frothy Top Hot Chocolate - now I always thought it was impossible to get coffee shop-style hot chocolate like this without having a milk frother at home so this one had us all oohing and aahing. Very impressive, even without adding marshmallows to the top (although we may have to do that one day in the not too distant future too !). (Available from all major supermarkets with a RRP of £2.59.)

So there you have it. Loads of new ways to get your chocolate fix when you want something a bit different !

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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