Saturday 31 August 2013

Kitchen Nomad Globe-Cooking Recipe #5 : Fig and Walnut Bake (Greece)

I've been itching to get back in the kitchen and try out some lovely new recipes - it's been fabulous travelling all over the place but I haven't cooked a single meal for the last month ! - so today, I grabbed my trusty recipe cards from Kitchen Nomad and decided to head off (gastronomically speaking) to Greece. You may remember that we tried out Youvetsi, a tomatoey lamb stew with orzo pasta, a few weeks ago and this is another recipe from Kitchen Nomad, created by Tonia Buxton, the presenter of the award winning ‘My Greek Kitchen’ TV series.

 You can find the recipe for Fig and Walnut Bake on the Kitchen Nomad website. It requires two ingredients from the Kitchen Nomad Greece box - dried figs and cassia bark.

My arrangement of figs and walnuts doesn't look quite as good as the one on the top photo but maybe that's because I only had an oval dish, not a round one !

The syrup was dead simple to reproduce - I love the cassia bark, which has a wonderful cinnamon flavour.

Ready for the oven.

And ta-da !

This can be served lukewarm or cold, as a dessert or for breakfast, accompanied with Greek yogurt if you so desire. The question is, which Kitchen Nomad box will I be dipping into for tonight's meal? I'm torn between Vietnam and Lebanon at the moment !

Disclosure : I received a Kitchen Nomad box in order to write an honest review. 

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  1. Oh that looks lush. Don't mind if it's in an oval dish, I want some. :)


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