Monday 26 August 2013

Our Fabulous Food Stain Art T-shirt from Dermot Flynn

The next time your kids manage to dribble spaghetti sauce, ketchup or orange juice down their favourite tops, take a deep breath before you yell at them and say to yourselves that one day, maybe they'll be able to make food stains as beautiful as these ones created by clever artist Dermot Flynn ! Using nothing but common household stains, he managed to recreate a fantastic picture of Sophie and Juliette on a plain white T-shirt.

The finished result is brilliant and is even more special as it's a second attempt - the first one was totally ruined when the accompanying bottle of Persil leaked in transit. Well, I say it was ruined - Dermot's artwork was but the detergent managed to get the T-shirt totally clean, which is very impressive too !

I'll be letting the Madhouse Mini-testers loose with some food stains of their own to see how artistic they can be. I'll let you know how they get on. I'm safe in the knowledge that the Persil Small & Mighty can take whatever you throw at it as it's already been put to the test, as you can see here !

Many thanks to Dermot & Persil for going to the trouble of replacing the first T-shirt - we all love it !

Disclosure : We received a fabulous personalised T-shirt from Dermot Flynn, along with a stain art kit and bottle of Persil to let the kids have a go themselves.

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