Friday 2 August 2013

Fruit Shoots Get Your Skills On challenge

Fruit Shoots have been running a fun challenge over the past few months, inviting kids to get outside and learn some new sporty skills.

They sent us through a fabulous pack of goodies, including a Fruit Shoots rucksack, sweatshirt and balls.

As well as some Fruit Shoots to avoid getting dehydrated during our intensive workouts ! 

There were also a series of cards in the pack, detailing how to learn some new skills including doing an Ollie with La Trucks, Stepping with N.C. Flex, Slam Down Flick Up with Laura Kicks, Parkour Roll with Connor Boost, Swipes with Roxy Flo and - the one that we decided to start with - The Chest Roll with Drew Hoops.

The instruction card said we'd need lots of space so we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine.

It sounds easy enough in theory but is actually quite tricky to master so we had a great laugh running around after dropped balls !

When Sophie finally managed it, she was really chuffed !

The two smaller Mini-testers eventually gave up trying to do a chest roll and went off to play with the balls on the car park, practising the basketballs skills that they'd picked up at the McDonald's Kids Sports Tour !

Everyone who learnt some new skills with Fruit Shoots was invited to show off their new talents by uploading videos of them to the Fruit Shoot Skills Crew website at You can now vote for your favourites and you will soon be able to register for tickets to be at the Nickelodeon Fruit Shoot Skills Awards on Saturday 7th September.

Disclosure : We received a pack of goodies in order to take part in the Fruit Shoots Get Your Skills On challenge.

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