Sunday 11 August 2013

Madhouse Family Pizza Wars !

You may remember a couple of weeks ago, I shared a recipe idea with you from Warburtons for a Wizza - that's a Wrap-Pizza ! Well, we decided to make it into a bit of a competition and I invited the Madhouse Mini-testers to create their own wizza design using whatever they could find in the fridge (which wasn't a lot as we were winding things down for going on holiday !).

Pierre made a face (apparently) with goats cheese, ham, sweetcorn, sausage and grated cheese.

Juliette went for a mixture of olives, goats cheese, sausage, sweetcorn and ham.

Sophie tried a more authentic pizza with chopped tinned tomatoes but this made the base go a bit soggy.

But there could only be one winner and I had to give maximum creativity points to Juliette for her union Jack-inspired Wizza !

All three of the Madhouse Mini-testers scoffed the lot, as they always do when they're been involved in creating their own dinner. This is great for a quick meal when you're in a rush, and you can sneak loads of veg in the toppings. The Half & Half Wraps use a blend of 50% white and 50% wholemeal flour so they even sneak some extra fibre in there too. Above all, it was a lot of fun though.

Warburtons Half & Half Square(ish) Wraps have a RRP of £1.20 for 6.

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a pack of Warburtons Half & Half Wraps in order to write an honest review.

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