Monday 19 August 2013

Madhouse recipe : Instant Cheesecake

Both of these recipes were born out of a need to clear out the fridge before heading off on holiday, but they were so delicious that we'll definitely be making them again. They take literally a couple of minutes to throw together but look a little bit special and are far more exciting than just a simple yogurt for dessert !

Recipe 1 : Lemon Quark Instant Cheesecake

Crush some digestive biscuit type biscuits in a plastic bag with a rolling pin (I used Hovis Breakfast Bakes which have a lovely sweet/salty flavour). Don't worry if there are a few lumps left, it doesn't matter at all. Melt a couple of spoonfuls of butter or margarine in a bowl in the microwave (it only takes about 30 seconds) and mix in the biscuit crumbs. Press this mixture into the bottom of five bowls or ramekins.

Scoop some Lemon Quark on top of the biscuity base. Put a grape on top of each bowl and drizzle over some Lemongrass Syrup. (I was using up leftover lemongrass syrup which went lovely with the Lemon Quark but you could use strawberry syrup or silver balls or anything else to add a slight zing or crunch.)

Recipe 2 : Rachel's Mango Yogurt Instant Cheesecake

Prepare the biscuit base as above. Spoon over some Rachel's Low-Fat Mango Yogurt and crumble a chocolate flake over the top of the bowls.

These recipes could be used with any number of variations - let me know if you try any other combinations and whether they work or not.

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