Tuesday 6 August 2013

#SaveSummer Activity 3 : Ice Cream Burgers

We've been having so much fun discovering the activities that ASDA have come up with for the #SaveSummer campaign ! They use such simple objects from around the house but in ways I'd never thought of using them before. This week's challenge is the perfect example : Ice Cream Burgers !

The instruction sheet suggesting taking two biscuits, making a beefburger out of chocolate ice cream and topping it with some lettuce made with mint choc chip ice cream. We're not keen on chocolate ice cream (although we love real chocolate !) so we opted for a chocolate filled sandwich biscuit and prised it open with a knife. The chocolate filling looked just like a burger and the top of the biscuit looks just like a seeded burger bun too ! We were totally out of apples so we made chips out of pineapple instead and the ketchup was strawberry ice cream sauce !

The kids absolutely loved the idea of eating a fake hamburger and chips as dessert and were impressed at how lifelike it was !

All except Pierre who didn't want mint choc chip ice cream and used blackcurrant sorbet instead ! He also used chocolate ice cream sauce as "ketchup" - or HP sauce maybe ?! Ah well, as you can see, he had great fun whatever it was !

There are already various activities on the #SaveSummer website, with plenty more being made available as the summer progresses so call back often for more summer fun inspiration !

for more information : http://www.asda.com/savesummer/all/

Disclosure : We received a hamper of products in order to try out some of the activities from the #SaveSummer Campaign.

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  1. I am torn here. This looks like such a great idea. However, if I mention it to my boys I know that they will be screaming for ice cream burgers every day until they are 18.


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