Wednesday 21 August 2013

Lite Brix Lite Up Runway & Candy Shop review

A few weeks ago, we were asked if we would like to review some Lite Brix, a new construction set launched this summer. I guessed (quite correctly) that the Madhouse Mini-testers would be thrilled but I couldn't really see what new features could be added to the concept. Lego, Duplo and similar brands seem to have had that corner of the market totally covered for decades.

But I was wrong ! They've come up with a fabulous new concept that is so brilliant, it should have been invented decades ago. Lite Brix incorporates multi-coloured flashing LEDs that, when pieced together, complete an electrical circuit and light up, really bringing your constructions to life. The great thing is, they're compatible with other construction sets so you can just add them to your existing collection.

We received two sets to review which, judging by the pink packaging, are targetting girls, but there are kits aimed at both sexes.

First up was the Lite Up Runway set. This box contains 8 Lite Brix, 6 connectors (which complete the circuit to make the special bricks light up), 170 normal bricks, 1 mini figure (called Harper), a battery power pack and a selection of fashion-themed accessories including hangers, a camera, a mirror, a handbag, a brush, etc. As well as creating the runway, you can make a dressing room area, which opens up the creative play possibilities.

The second kit was the Lite Up Candy Shop, which comes with the Ava figure. I'm not sure how many bricks are in this set to be honest because they have now all been put together in one big box "to be added to". (I think there's a not too subtle hint in there for us for Christmas !) It also includes a selection of tiny accessories such as a gumball machine, a sweet counter and a cash register

These kits target girls, introducing the female characters as well as the construction sets. Lite Brix explain : "Lite Brix Girls are a group of young, smart, and creative girls who will run the world someday soon. For now, Ava with her spontaneous personality, has created a LiteUp Girls World in Sunset Island where all her friends - Harper, Kaylee, Madison, Briella & Sophia - are allowed to come, share, and explore." There are other unisex/boy-friendly kits too though, including a Lumi-Star Racer, a Lazer Copter and a Space Trooper, all of which look great.

The only slight niggles that we found are that they take a lot of batteries (3 x AA per kit and they're not included) and the bricks are harder to press together than Lego. The wow-factor of the finished constructions when you turn the lights off more than makes up for these slight issues though.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Runway £29.99, Candy Shop £39.99

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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