Monday 19 August 2013

Lynx Deep Space review

Just before heading off to the intense heat of Morocco, we received some samples of Lynx's latest range, Deep Space, for Madhouse Daddy to review. Talk about the perfect chance to put some deodorant and shower gel to the test ! 

I had a bit of a nostalgic moment when the email popped into my inbox from Lynx actually. The press release said that Lynx is the number one male grooming brand in the UK and Ireland and that it has been helping mankind look good, smell good and feel good for over 25 years. I must admit, I remember lurking in the deodorant aisle of Superdrug with my best mate as a lovesick teen on our Saturday afternoon trips to town, surreptitiously spraying the Lynx Oriental tester on my sleeve so I could sniff it and swoon at the smell of the class heartthrob !

Anyway, on to the Deep Space range. I had no idea what sort of fragrance to expect and, having had a quick sniff, both from the bottle and on Madhouse Daddy after his shower, I still couldn't define it, although it is very nice. I went to investigate and Lynx describe it as "a truly masculine heat release fragrance infused with woody notes, eucalyptus and cardamom for an extra zingy boost".

The shower gel is nice and refreshing and doesn't make too many bubbles (which is good from a male point of view, apparently) and the deodorant smells lovely and is very effective. Only one niggle - the deodorant has a twist and spray lid and of the two that we received, one was broken, so you may want to double check it's working before you throw it in your trolley, otherwise you can't use it (unless you buy another one and swap over the tops).

I still couldn't work out where the "Deep Space" link came in, but it all ties in with Lynx's space-themed campaign. 250 people (from a mind-blowing 18,000 applicants) competed on a giant space assault course for the chance to win a place at Lynx Global Space camp in Florida and one of the final four candidates will win a trip into space.  How cool is that ?! The assault course included an 18 x 9m ‘Launch Pad’ which is used by the British Army to test fitness and agility, a gyroscope, particle extractor and huge rock climbing wall which scaled towards the roof of Westfield, White City. You can find out all about it in the video below :

Once chosen, one final winner will break the sound barrier whilst flying 103 kilometres at the maximum airspeed possible. The engine will then cut off and they will see Earth as only 500 have before. The spaceship will reach 'apogee' at 103 km, at this point the lucky cadet will experience weightlessness in zero gravity before beginning the descent back to Earth.

Well, Madhouse Daddy will just have to dream about that in the shower with his Deep Space shower gel ! He might also like to have a play with a new, free, tongue-in-cheek dating app from Lynx, GET LE GIRL. The creators say: "It might get you ‘le girl’ or it might get you a slap in ‘le face’. But one thing’s for sure – it will get ‘le party’ started. Confidence is essential if you want to succeed in the mating game, especially when it comes to trying to impress a local girl on holiday, but now Lynx has you covered. The app includes chat up line translations created to help guys master the native tongue and a chat-up challenge that’s sure to separate the hommes from the chicos. Likely to be on every young bloke’s handset this summer, the app will guarantee laughs, ladies and flirting, despite the language barrier." Hmmm how about one for the girls too ?!

for more information on the Deep Space range :

RRP : Shower Gel £2.54 for 250ml,  Deodorant £2.99 for 150ml

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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