Sunday 25 August 2013

Share Your Advice with Dora the Explorer's Step-by-Step Tip Swap

One of the biggest worries that first-time parents have is making sure their children meet all those key developmental milestones that have been laid out by childcare experts. From learning to brush their teeth, to riding a bike for the first time, to even attending their first birthday party, Nick Jr. and Dora the Explorer are on hand to help children and their parents on their way. However as no child is the same, Nick Jr. are asking parents to share their own top tips with the Dora Step-by-Step Top Tip Swap.

Every month a new topic will be addressed online with handy information, videos and downloadable tools with child development expert Jacqueline Harding offering practical tips and advice. Then, on Facebook, parents will be able to swap their own tips for the chance to win a Dora Step-by-Step pack consisting of a Dora-the-Explorer My Talking Backpack and a School Day Dora doll.

August’s theme is ‘Summer’ and here are some of Jacqueline’s top tips and advice for getting little ones to grips with key skills:

-  If you have access to outdoor space, why not choose a small spot for your little one to have their own garden? It’s best to choose quick growing plants such as cress and then you can even use what you have grown to make sandwiches together for your next picnic.

-  Going down to the seaside? Then, it’s time to get stuck into sand castle building. Children never seem to be bored as long as there is sand around, but take a camera and use those pictures to make a scrap-book to keep the excitement going when you’re back home.

-   If you’re off on holiday with your child, leave a few bits of packing at the end for your child to help you pack. Not only will this help them to get excited, it is also a great opportunity to explain all of the stages of the holiday so they know what to expect.

To see more tips from Jacqueline Harding or download your own Step-by-Step, Explore with Dora tools visit If you’d like to share your own tips and advice visit

Disclosure : We received a Dora the Explorer toy as a thank you for spreading the word about the new campaign.

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