Monday 25 November 2013

Applewood blogger challenge : Vegetable dips and endive boats

Yesterday, we decided to have what the French call an "apéritif" - pre-dinner drinks with a selection of nibbles. That usually means crisps, nuts, chorizo, pretzels ... none of which are particularly diet-friendly, so I decided to prepare a selection of vegetable dippers too. First, I made some little endive boats, quite simply by separating the leaves and spreading some Applewood Spreadable on the ends. The kids usually aren't keen on endives because they're quite bitter but they wolfed them down because the smokiness and the creaminess of the cheese masked the bitterness. I hardly got a look in, which I was quite gutted about !

Next, the kids helped me to arrange a ring of carrot sticks, red pepper, yellow pepper and apple slices on a plate. I put some Applewood Spreadable in a ramekin and heated it in the microwave until it had melted then gave it a stir. This made a fabulous dip for the veggie sticks. I thought about adding some herbs or spices to jazz it up but after a quick taste, decided it didn't actually need anything extra. 

Again, the whole lot disappeared in record time. Everyone actually said they preferred this to the usual crisps and nuts, which has to be a good thing ! Definitely one to try again, especially with all the apéritifs that will be going on with the French side of the family over Christmas and New Year !

Disclosure : I received a hamper of goodies from Applewood in order to take part in their blogger challenge and come up with three recipes using the products.

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