Monday 18 November 2013

Tasty treats with Soreen's Chocolate Loaf

Earlier in the year, in honour of their 75th anniversary, Soreen launched a limited edition Chocolate Malt Loaf. When we received a sample to review, I was unsure - I love malt loaf and I love chocolate but would the two work together? In a word, yes ! You can click through to my original review to see what we thought.

Soreen recently got in touch again to find out how we eat our chocolate loaf and sent through some decidedly decadent serving suggestions :

Chocolate Loaf with thick double cream

Chocolate Loaf with creamy custard

Chocolate Loaf with vanilla ice-cream

They have a few other suggestions :

-Grilling the Chocolate Loaf and covering it in toffee sauce
- Melting marshmallows on top of it
- Sprinkling it with even more chocolate buttons

Well, I must admit, I usually just slice off a slab and devour it straight from the pack, although I do sometimes add a layer of salty butter on top. When Soreen sent us through a pack, I decided to get a bit more experimental with it and we have a new family fave instant dessert.

Chocolate Loaf with Clotted Cream and Sliced Bananas. Yum !

Disclosure : We received a loaf in order to try out some recipe suggestions. Soreen Chocolate Loaf is available from Sainsbury’s, with an RRP of £1.20

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  1. some nice ideas, I never got any last time it was out hope to get some this time


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