Tuesday 12 November 2013

Track your petits pois from field to freezer !

Have you ever noticed on Birds Eye frozen peas that there are the words Field Fresh? Have you ever wondered what that means? Well, if you have, you'll love a new Facebook app that they have created which allows shoppers to trace the origin of their petits pois.

The new app documents the military-style Pea Harvest operation that is exercised in order to ensure that the much loved veg goes from picked to frozen within less than two and a half hours. Traceable packaging is being introduced across the entire Birds Eye petits pois range, with each pack providing the shopper with a unique code to be inputted into the Facebook app to reveal where in the UK their petits pois were grown.

Alongside the discovery of where the pea originates from, the Facebook app (https://www.facebook.com/birdseye) will showcase exclusive video content that demonstrates the expertise involved in growing the crop and the stringent quality control processes that go into producing the nation’s favourite peas. The shopper will also be privy to special photography of the pea harvest and factory processes.

I'd love to see this kind of tracker for meat products or more processed foods.

Disclosure : I received a bag of peas, to try out the tracker.

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