Wednesday 20 November 2013

Macsween Microwavable Haggis review

A couple of months ago, I was asked to fill in a survey about haggis - did we eat it? would we eat it? if not why not? I replied that I'd tried it once as a teenager but more as a bushtucker trial kind of mentality (so I could say that I had actually just dared to eat haggis and watch all my friends squeal) rather than to really appreciate it ! As a kid, I was always put off by the description of it as a stuffed sheep's stomach. As a grown-up, I now reason that that's no worse than a sausage. But I did also point out that I'd have no idea how to cook it and even less idea of what to serve with it.

I was intrigued and, to be honest, somewhat apprehensive when MacSween, self-proclaimed Guardians of Scotland's National Dish, sent me through a goody bag containing a selection of their haggis products. They've come up with an ultra-convenient microwavable pack that contains two servings and takes just 60 seconds to prepare. You don't need to pierce the pack or anything, you just remove the cardboard sleeve then zap it for 1 minute. Couldn't be simpler !

My next question was what to serve it with. They had thought about this and also sent through some recipe cards and "The MacSween Haggis Bible" which is teeming with recipe ideas and interesting facts about haggis. I've tried three different recipes from the book, using the three different varieties - Traditional, Vegetarian and Black Pudding - so I'll share them with you over the next couple of days. Suffice to say, we were very pleasantly surprised and liked all of them, even the black pudding one that I was sure I wouldn't like !

Here's a sneaky peak of the most traditional serving suggestion.

Look out for some upcoming blogposts to see what I did with it and what we thought. What about you - are you "haggis virgins" or do you regularly eat haggis?

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a selection of MacSween Haggis goodies in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I love Black pudding but Haggis like you said is more of a bushtucker trial sort of food for


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